June 11, 2024

How Ibijoke Oyewole is empowering next generation


Launching a successful career can be a daunting task for young graduates. Recognizing this challenge, Shift Up Africa, the brainchild of Ibijoke Faseun Oyewole, has created a groundbreaking internship program designed to equip young Nigerians with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in the professional world.

Launched in December 2023, the program has already yielded impressive results, as interns are gaining valuable skills in areas such as design, teamwork using Agile methodologies and success principles.
The program recently marked a significant milestone with an inspiring in-person session featuring established mentors like Ibijoke Faseun Oyewole, Fehintoluwa Oduekun, Olajuwon Marc, Adunola Akindele and Buduka Johnson. They shared their expertise and personal experiences, providing the interns with practical knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose.

“Our aim,” says Ibijoke Faseun Oyewole, the program’s convener, “is to equip young people with the right mindset, key success principles, strong work ethic, and valuable skills like Agile methodologies and presentation skills.”

With a vision to empower over 100,000 graduates in the next five years, the initiative is well on its way to creating a more confident and successful professional landscape in Nigeria. The organization’s dedication, coupled with the support of partners, mentors, and the community, is paving the way for a brighter future for young Nigerians.

The program’s success is evident in the transformation of its participants. Bolatito Aina, Franklin Ogbe, Damilola Lawal, Anuoluwapo Adeyemi, Michelle Ohia, Opeoluwa Ogunnaike, Akinola Faith, Pelumi Juba and Oke-Etume Akpo are some of the interns who benefitted immensely off this project.