June 16, 2024

How I became film director – Actress, Chinenye Ulaegbu

By Ayo Onkoyi

Nollywood actress, Chinenye Ulaegbu has touched all the important aspects of movie making as an actress, producer and film-maker but never directed a movie.

But that is in the past now as a movie directed by her titled “Mira” is currently streaming on DCA YouTube channel.

Explaining how her dream came to being, Ulaegbu said, “My first directorial debut film was a student final project at Delyork Creative Academy (DCA) , all the directors were given an opportunity to pitch a story about a topic of their choice. What they didn’t mention was that the best two stories would be picked for the final project.

“Well, I didn’t need to be told that before bringing my A-game, I was taught to always be prepared. You wouldn’t believe that out of the 7 Directors that pitched their stories on that day, only two stories were picked and mine happened to be one of them. Awesome right? I pitched a story about a young teenage scholar whose dream was to become a pediatrician but her parents wanted her to marry a rich man instead.

“The title of this short film is  MIRA. Mira is an Africa gender-based story that preaches about the danger of early marriage in Africa and how it has a negative impact on a girl child in the society. This practice is a widespread conception in Many African countries including Nigeria.

“I pitched this story to raise awareness about the importance of a girl child going to school and getting the education she deserves as it is her right to choose who she wants to become.

“I had the opportunity to be fully involved in the process of making MIRA as the First Director, the set designer and costume designer, from story to pre-production to the production. I was also fully involved in the post production, the editing and sound design process which was a very beautiful experience. The short film is currently available on DCA YouTube channel, Directed by Chinenye Ulaegbu,” she explained.