June 19, 2024

Group to NNPCL: We’ll continue to obstruct crude oil drill in Warri


Niger Delta Liberation Movement, NDLM, also known as MOVEMENT, has warned that  if their demands are not met, it would continue to cripple crude oil drilling and transportation processes in Warri, Delta State.

MOVEMENT said this after causing an explosion on a major line connecting the Dibi field to Olero, stressing that the attack on the facility was their biggest achievement.

Secretary of the group, Mr Emmanuel Tagbanaraewumi, said they would no longer accept being marginalised and enslaved by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited.

His words: “We take full responsibility of the Gas Line Blast at Junction 19 that took place in the early hours (3:30AM) of this day Tuesday 18th of June, 2024. Even with the recent deployment of more security personnel to these area of operations, this blast can be said to be our major hit and ‘biggest feat’ since operations in 2023 and more are to come as we won’t fail to keep on taking the bull by the horns till our demands are met.

“We have exceeded the era of warning strikes as we are determined to liberate our communities from the grips of modern slavery and marginalization by the NNPCL and her JVs in Itsekiri land. We salute the courage of our foot soldiers for this achievement and promise this is just the beginning even in the face and intensified presence of security personnel. Their efforts for the liberation of our people won’t be in vain

“Is no longer business as usual since the 7 days altimatum elapsed. We gave them enough time to visit our demands even after the altimatum elapsed and make amends in their tactics of operations in our areas but the NNPCL and her JVs acted unrepentant hence they should be ready for the worst to come till our demands which is not yet changed are met.”