June 20, 2024

Gov Ododo signs anti-corruption agency, electricity regulatory commission bills into law

Ododo signs anti-corruption agency, electricity regulatory commission bills into law

Governor Ododo signing the bills into law at the Kogi State House.

Governor Ahmed Ododo of Kogi State, on Thursday, signed many bills into law at the executive chambers of the State House.

In his remarks shortly after signing the bills into law, Governor Ododo commended the State House of Assembly for their patriotism and dedication, referring to the Bills as “people-oriented bills”.

According to the governor, the newly signed anti-corruption agency law will strengthen the capacity of the state to prevent corruption as well as investigate and prosecute corruption cases.

“We have given legal teeth to the Agency to be able to bite corruption. This is a clear statement by my administration that we will attack corrupt practices and make it impossible for corruption to thrive.

“All lovers of development will frown at corruption. We won’t allow corrupt practices. I will give all necessary support to the agency to perform its duties judiciously,” he said.

… thanks Tinubu

Ododo thanked President Bola Tinubu for making it possible for states to generate, transmit and distribute electricity, saying this would help to finally resolve the power challenge in the nation.

“Mr President has finally discovered the path to permanently resolve the power crisis in Nigeria. Opening up the industry will widen the operational field and deliver more megawatts to the national grid.

“As a State, we are taking full advantage of this opening made possible by the bold policies of Mr President. And I can assure you that Kogi is ready to play on the big stage as far as the issue of power is concerned.”

The governor said the Kogi State Scholarship Law was aimed at helping indigent students attain their dreams, saying his administration would continue to prioritize education.

Ododo said: “We have continued to prioritize education because we are convinced that education is the bulwark of development.

“As a student, I knew what I went through to be educated. Being in this seat has offered me the opportunity to support our students to excel in their educational careers.

“I also use this opportunity to congratulate Nigerians on the Students Loan Scheme of Mr. President.

“We have a smart President who is determined to protect the poor and the weak. With him, it is obvious that our nation shall prosper,” he said.

Earlier, the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Aliyu Umar Yusuf, said the Assembly did a thorough job and even consulted experts to ensure that when passed, the laws can stand the test of time.

He said the State House of Assembly was committed to ensuring purposeful legislation for the development of the State.

The ceremony was attended by members of the State House of Assembly and other top government officials.

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