June 10, 2024

FeeFund will tackle hunger, hardship, insecurity — Mbaka

FeeFund will tackle hunger, hardship, insecurity — Mbaka

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka has lauded the idea behind the creation of the recently launched FUND-YES Entrepreneurship Enhancement Fund, also known as FeeFund.

The fund was created by FUND-YES Cooperative, a non-bank financial investment and wealth creation cooperative business society of youths, women and financial investors, established by Comrade Kennedy Iyere, a renowned social entrepreneur, philanthropist, social justice crusader, citizens rights advocate and humanitarian activist.

Speaking to journalists in Enugu on Saturday, Father Mbaka expressed deep concern over the untold economic hardship, abject poverty and severe hunger which millions of Nigerian individuals and families are currently faced with.

The renowned Cleric said that the high level of youth unemployment is worrisome and calls for the urgent need to tackle high youth unemployment and “youth poverty”, stressing that insecurity will continue to fester if the key social problems of high youth unemployment, youth poverty and household poverty are not drastically tackled.

He also affirmed that the current hunger situation in Nigeria has made it most imperative to encourage and support women in their large numbers to embrace entrepreneurship. He said that the hunger situation in Nigeria is no longer bearable.

Father Mbaka said that the tool of entrepreneurship is the best viable weapon to tackle Nigeria’s worrisome youth unemployment and for that reason has called for entrepreneurship revolution among Nigerian youths.

He stressed that the recently launched “FeeFund”, an entrepreneurship enhancement fund created by FUND-YES Cooperative, will help to provide business financing and enterprise development assistance for millions of youths and women entrepreneurs, both those who are already existing entrepreneurs and others aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

He also commended Mr Kennedy Iyere and members and global partners of FUND-YES Cooperative for launching the “FUND-YES Entrepreneurship Enhancement Fund, just as he urged Nigerian youths and women to take advantage of utilizing “FeeFund” as a viable resource and existing opportunity to take themselves off the street and create their own livelihoods through entrepreneurship.

While pledging his support towards mobilizing global partners, allies and stakeholders in helping to build the fund, he said: “Insecurity, hunger and abject poverty are getting more strengthened in Nigeria. This is not the time to sit back and watch these factors degenerate further. The situation is already too bad for the country and its citizens.

“This is the time for us to create mass employments through entrepreneurship and take millions of youths, women and families out of abject poverty, hunger and economic hardship. This is the best way to tackle the country’s ongoing problem of household poverty, economic hardship, hunger and insecurity.

“This is why I have endorsed the recently established entrepreneurship enhancement fund created and launched by FUND-YES Cooperative, known as “FUND-YES Entrepreneurship Enhancement Fund, it is also known as FeeFund. This is the only way to go, if we must create jobs for our youths and women.”