June 11, 2024

Economic hardship: Club to provide succor for poor Nigerians

By Fortune Eromosele

The Grand Productive Club of Nigeria (GPC) has promised to provide succor for poor Nigerians in the midst of economic hardship.

This was disclosed by the Founder, Anayo Kingsley Okeke, in a statement Tuesday.

He reaffirmed his commitment to societal betterment through service, charity, and human rights advocacy.

 According to him, “GPC’s vision is to be a catalyst for positive change and societal development via service, advocacy, and leadership.

“GPC aims to serve others, promote social justice, and uphold the dignity of its members, fostering meaningful human connections and maintaining integrity and competence.

“GPC focuses on serving society, providing personal and professional development opportunities, and developing leadership skills among members.

“The organization offers numerous benefits, including empowerment opportunities, support for members’ significant life events, and access to loans. The Executive members of the Grand Productive Ambitious Club (GPAC) play a vital role in achieving these goals.”

Okeke emphasized dedication and integrity in realizing the club’s vision of a society where every individual thrives, social justice is upheld, and every person’s dignity is recognized and respected.