June 14, 2024

Democracy Day: Political class holding Nigerians in the jugular – NAS


By Ozioruva Aliu, BENIN CITY

THE Benin City Chapter Branch of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) has said that the political class and the elite have held Nigerians by the jugular hence things do not seem to be moving in the right direction.

Speaking to journalists on this year’s Democracy Day, the Capon of the Chapter, Dr Chris Ekiyor said the ruling class is pushing Nigerians to the wall that could lead to rebellion.

He said the ruling class find it easy to pass laws in their favour but don’t do that in cases involving the common man.

According to Ekiyor, “I recently read that the borders have been opened, that people can import rice, then I asked who among the people can import rice? It is the same elite that will import, warehouse them and begin to sell at controlled prices that they will decide. The government needs to recalibrate and take some steps that will solve the common man’s problem . The minister is talking about super highways with light and the common man does not have light in their homes, fixed that first.

“It is the elites that have made it impossible to fix electricity in Nigeria because they are settling for less with the common patrimony of everybody.

“The country has with speed gone back to the old national anthem. Can they also go back to the 1979 constitution or the pre-independence constitution and we will know that we are fixing the country from there. Why are the governors holding on to the local government autonomy perpetually? Is it their birthright? They have held the rest of us in the jugular and the only option left for Nigerians is to rebel and rebellion is only right to the extent that you are looking for existence and survival.

“One day, the common people will rise against the elite and no army can stop them. For the last one year the index of success is not reflecting in the lives of the common citizens, the government should do what is right as opposed to saying what is right.”

The former Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) President said “The hue and cry about the June 12 was because we thought that the military was worse off, in all these 24 years we do not think we have been able to touch the lives of the common man like an average citizen being able to pay his medical bills, earn a living, train his children and others. I say so because we have more brutal political leaders who serve the elites as against the citizens. We are not doing the right things, we have a top bottom approach instead of a bottom top approach in solving our Nigerian problems.

“It is good to do subsidy removal and to save money but what have we seen as per the money saved? It could have been that because you have removed subsidy, all schools from primary to secondary at all states is now free, healthcare for people below 16 years is now free in all government hospitals, then we can say subsidy removal has paid off because that money has been invested in healthcare and education, public schools are still not functioning except private schools for the elites.

“Ideally the tertiary hospitals funded by the federal government and the state specialist hospitals owned by the state governments should be the home for healthcare and the private sector should be pursuing to catch up, but the reverse is the case.” He said.