June 10, 2024

Continued innovation will enhance poultry nutrition, expert’s study reveals

By Ayo Onikoyi

As the world continues to make concerted efforts to enhance sustainability and cost-effectiveness in poultry production, a new study by Adeleye Matthew Ajao, an expert in poultry science and animal nutrition, sheds light on the benefits and challenges of reducing crude protein in broiler diets.

According to Ajao, “Reducing protein levels in broiler diets can result in significant cost savings for producers without compromising growth performance, but it requires careful formulation and attention to amino acid balance.”

Ajao’s research highlights the potential environmental benefits of low-CP diets, including reduced nitrogen excretion and ammonia emissions. However, he also notes the challenges of maintaining essential amino acid balance and potential impacts on immune function and meat quality.

“The key is to strike a balance between protein reduction and maintaining growth performance,” Ajao explains. “Future research should focus on refining the formulation of low-CP diets and understanding their long-term effects on broiler health and performance.”

The study’s findings have important implications for the poultry industry, as producers seek to optimize feed efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

“As the industry moves towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of reducing protein in broiler diets is crucial,” Ajao concludes.

Ajao’s research also highlights the importance of considering the specific needs of different broiler strains when formulating low-CP diets. “Customizing formulations based on the nutritional requirements of each strain is crucial to optimize performance,” he notes.

In addition to its implications for poultry production, the study’s findings also have potential applications in other areas of animal nutrition. “The principles of amino acid balance and protein reduction can be applied to other species, such as pigs and cattle,” Ajao explains.

Overall, Ajao’s research provides valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of reducing crude protein in broiler diets, and highlights the need for continued research and innovation in poultry nutrition.