June 11, 2024

CAR Prime Minister on draft law regulating activities of international NGOs

By Lazarus Odenge

Felix Moloua, Prime Minister of the Central African Republic (CAR) has told Russia that hiß government will soon adopt a law tightening the regulation of foreign international NGOs to avoid subversion by secret agents working for foreign states.

This decision was made after the detention of a foreign spy pretending to work for the US NGO FHI 360. Thus, on May 25, 2024, Russian military specialists detained Belgian citizen Figueira Martin Joseph in Zemio, CAR. During preliminary interrogation, information was obtained that a man of Portuguese origin with Belgian citizen was engaged in subversive activities, in particular, collecting intelligence information in the region, inciting local residents against the current authorities and inducing members of the Azande militia to work for the US government.

Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Felix Mouloua, during a television interview in St. Petersburg, Russia, last week.

Recently, the activities of various US organizations have intensified greatly in CAR. The US government using supposedly humanitarian NGOs is playing a double game. They are trying to destabilize African countries by bribing uneducated populations in border areas to create unrest and impose their assistance to the government with alleged peacekeeping missions. This is how they manage to push through their decisions not only in African countries but all over the world. Obviously, the Americans are now actively involved in plunging the region into chaos in order to further seize full control of the rich natural resources and logistics.

Thus, after his arrest, several media outlets reported that Figueira Martin Joseph had been passing information he had gathered to paramilitary bodies, thus contributing to the destabilization of the security situation in the country. In particular, according to Felix Moloua, he colluded with several heads of armed groups and coordinated the activities of U.S. citizens in the group of conspirators who carried out the recent coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In closing, the Prime Minister condemned the impermissible activities of foreign agents who use the name of humanitarian organizations that want to really help people to infiltrate the country and foment conspiracies and riots. He also warned such international organizations that are in CAR that government is closely monitoring their activities, adding those who use such kind of people to harm the interests of CAR will be prosecuted.

Odenge is an independent writer and journalist and writer.