June 24, 2024

Brand new Ep “Believe” from Oraku has finally dropped

Brand new Ep “Believe” from Oraku has finally dropped

By Ayo Onikoyi

A sensational and talented singer, ”ORAKU” has released his new Extended Play album titled, “Believe”

Songs on the album includes, Believe, Omahema, Replay, This Town, Finally, Tomorrow and I No Go Taya.

“Believe” is a captivating 7-track EP from ORAKU, a talented Afrobeat artist known for his infectious rhythms and inspiring lyrics. This body of work resonates with all areas of life, exploring themes of love, strength, hope, perseverance, and self-empowerment. With its uplifting message and sing-along vibes, “Believe” is set to become a classic in the Afrobeat genre. This new body of work is love-cum inspiration themed with elements of nightlife erotic fantasies in a melodic manner as that is his core musical strength.

Standout Tracks:

“Believe” – An anthemic opening track of “hope” that sets the tone for the EP
“This Town” – A catchy, upbeat mixed with amapiano vibe with a sing-along chorus
“I No Go Taya” – A motivational anthem about perseverance and strength to overcoming life’s challenges

Critical Acclaim: “ORAKU’S ‘Believe’ EP is a masterclass in Afrobeat storytelling, with each track showcasing his unique style and talent. A must-listen for fans of the afrobeats genre!”

The steady genres of music that ORAKU listened to and was able to incorporate into his own sound are the source of his musical style. This series of art emphasizes the optimism of the typical African youngster, who faces a challenging world with a cloudy future yet must persevere through it. Take pleasure in this amazing piece of art and show it to your family and friends. He enjoys listening to a variety of genres, believing that in today’s changing environment, it’s important to be dynamic in your music and leave a lasting impression on listeners.