June 16, 2024

About Idowu Bankole: A Nigerian journalist, Digital Broadcaster and Editor

Idowu Bankole

Idowu Bankole is a Nigerian journalist, digital broadcaster, and Assistant Editor at Vanguard Media Limited. He is also a Digital Marketer. A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Managers of Nigeria, A Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria and a Pastor.

He has reported on various topics, including politics, Diaspora and entertainment.

Idowu Bankole has also made headlines for his political views, including a presidential bid in 2023.

Additionally, he is a pastor and has shared his insights on religious matters

Idowu Bankole is recognized for his contributions to the media landscape in Nigeria. He has worked with several prominent news outlets, gaining experience and recognition in the field of journalism. Here are some details about his career:


Position: Editor, Journalist and Correspondent

Employers: Vanguard News, one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers;
Channels TV and LTV Lagos

Career Highlights

Coverage: Idowu Bankole has covered a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and significant events in Nigeria. His reporting often focuses on the socio-political landscape of the country. he garnered most of his broadcasting skills while at Channels Television for Internship training.

Reporting Style: Known for his detailed and insightful reporting, Bankole provides in-depth analysis and coverage of events, helping readers understand the complexities of the issues at hand.

Notable Work

Political Reporting: He has reported extensively on political developments in Nigeria, including elections, government policies, and political controversies. His work helps to inform the public and contribute to the democratic process by providing transparency and accountability.

Social Issues: Bankole also covers various social issues affecting Nigerians, such as education, healthcare, and human rights. His reporting often highlights the challenges faced by ordinary citizens and the efforts being made to address these issues.

Contributions to Journalism

Informed Public Discourse: Through his reporting, Idowu Bankole has contributed to informed public discourse in Nigeria. By presenting factual and well-researched information, he helps shape public opinion and encourages informed decision-making among his audience.

Journalistic Integrity: Bankole is known for his commitment to journalistic integrity and ethics. He strives to present balanced and accurate news, maintaining the trust of his readers.


Awareness: His work raises awareness about critical issues in Nigerian society, shedding light on problems that require attention and action from both the public and policymakers.

Engagement: By engaging with a broad audience through his articles, Bankole plays a role in fostering civic engagement and participation in the democratic process.

Academic Career

Idowu Bankole holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Communication Technology, from Lagos State University and a Master of Science Degree, from the Prestigious University of Lagos, Unilag.
He is also a Chartered Public manager, and a graduate of NIIT, and the National Broadcast Institute. Idowu Bankole is a certified investigative journalist trained by the AFP and a data and cybersecurity analyst


Idowu Bankole’s career in journalism is marked by his dedication to providing comprehensive and insightful coverage of important issues in Nigeria. His contributions to the media have helped to inform and educate the public, making him a respected figure in the field of Nigerian journalism.

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