June 17, 2024

51.8 degrees Celsius: Africans least affected as 2,700 pilgrims suffer heatstroke

2024 HAJJ

*Unspecified number of deaths recorded

*Saudi Arabia reschedules stoning rite to evening

*Blames victims for non-adherence to directives

By Haroon-Ishola Balogun

About 3,000 pilgrims were yesterday affected by heat strokes and exhaustion during their journeys to and fro the Jamarat for the stoning rite.

The development resulted in the death of an unspecified number of affected pilgrims. It was however gathered that no fewer than 14 Jordanians died with many others still receiving treatment in various hospitals.

Jordan’s hajj mission also indicated that 17 of its pilgrims are still missing, fearing they might have been affected by the intense heat and receiving treatment at unknown hospitals in the country. Pilgrims from Nigeria and Africa as a whole were least affected.