May 7, 2024

World Asthma Day: Group seeks better funding for research, others

COVID-19: 339m people living with asthma globally — Report

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

The Nigerian Thoracic Society, has advocated for better policies and funding for asthma research to improve the overall quality of care for those affected by the disease.

President, NT, Prof Musa Babashani and Secretary General, Dr Abiona Odeyemi, made the call on Monday, in a statement jointly signed on the highlights of the year 2024 World Asthma Day, being observed on the first Tuesday of May each year.

This year event is themed: “Asthma education empowers.” The Nigerian Thoracic Society is a professional organization dedicated to improving the respiratory health of individuals in Nigeria.

World Asthma Day is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about asthma and its impact on individuals worldwide.

It serves as a reminder to educate and support those affected by this chronic respiratory condition.

The day also aims to encourage people to take control of their asthma and improve their overall quality of life through proper management and treatment.

Babashani, stressed that the theme also aimed to encourage individuals to take control of their asthma and improve their quality of life.

He noted that efforts in promoting asthma education and treatment have led to increased awareness and accessibility to necessary medications and tools for managing the condition.

According to him, “By spreading information and resources, World Asthma Day plays a crucial role in promoting asthma awareness and fostering a healthier global community.

“It also highlights the importance of educating individuals on how to properly manage their asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks.

“By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage their asthma, we can help improve their quality of life and reduce the burden of this chronic respiratory disease.

“The importance of raising awareness about asthma and educating the public cannot be understated.

“Asthma is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide, yet many individuals may not have access to the necessary information and resources to effectively manage their symptoms.

“By promoting awareness and education, we can help individuals better understand their condition, recognize triggers, and take proactive steps to prevent exacerbations.

“Ultimately, by empowering individuals with the tools they need to manage their asthma, we can work towards improving overall health outcomes and reducing the impact of asthma on individuals’ daily lives.

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