May 21, 2024

We want ensure every child gets a learning tablet – Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin

We want ensure every child gets a learning tablet – Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin

Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin, CEO, Chronicles Software Development Company Limited.

By Elizabeth Osayande

As the world of teaching and learning continues to innovate via technology, any child, student, or school without a smart device may be lagging.

It is the passion to bridge the learning gaps in Africa that begat SuccessTAB. Not only has this innovation improved the learning and success rate of students in Lagos state public schools in external examinations, specifically in WAEC, but it also set students on the right track by eliminating access to prohibited content as well as ensuring effective use of time through its parental control feature.

In an exclusive interview, the Co-founder, and CEO of Chronicles Software Development Company Limited, Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin, speaks on how leveraging technology can make the African child globally competitive.


Tell us about SuccessTAB

We are one of the pioneers of education technology and we are the owners of the SuccessTAB education brand. The brand was born in 2016. As we speak right now, we are in four African countries innovating technology for students and schools.

Reason for developing the SuccessTAB

We pioneered the device because of the need to impact learners with an innovative and engaging way to learn interactively. We looked at the season where every child and every learner will have all the resources they need in one place that will inspire them to excel.

Again, SuccessTAB innovation was born out of my own story. I struggled in secondary school and when I came out of school, I had to start using resources to learn on my own before I could get into university. My self-efforts made me an A-STAR student with distinction 4.76 and I went on to bag a 4.0 in Computer Science. When I started the company, it was a passion to see that we’re able to cascade that knowledge to the next generation to be able to excel systematically.

That passion to see that pupils and students learn well innovatively has made SuccessTAB a leading educational device in the country. We are also in four African countries making impacts.

How will this happen?

We have several initiatives that can make the above possible. One is our flexible payment plan. We now have a flexible payment plan to ensure that every child can own a device without having to break the bank. We now have a partnership with the largest school network in Nigeria, that is NAPPS, to ensure that every school owner and every school can key into this initiative. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to innovate teaching and learning to make it more affordable as we go on.

What are you doing to manage the negative influences of using a smart device by pupils and students?

So one of the beautiful things SuccessTAB has done is that we have a powerful parental control feature. Others are social media Timeout settings and SmartLock

The parental control feature monitors and restricts what the learners or the students do on the tablet. We also have a special-purpose browser that enables and ensures that the students cannot browse unauthorized or unadvertised content.

SuccessTAB is not a general-purpose device. It is an educational device strictly for teaching and learning. This is why from the conception to delivery of the tablet is a promise of excellence.

What are the features in the tab?

The digital learning device is embedded with educational resources covering over 40 subjects from JSS 1 – SS3. It also preloads CBT software with 20 years of WAEC Question Bank; 15 years of JAMB Question; 10 Years of BECE Question Bank; IGCSE Digital Library; and IGCSE Question Bank.

Some AIs are also preloaded that students can use to build interactive software and websites.

Other important features include a Protective Case and Keyboard which ensure that students can do their assignments, and use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly from the device.

The tablet device is fully compatible with the school’s learning platforms. Works perfectly with Microsoft Teams, World Reader, Interactive board used by the school.

It has about 10-12 hours of battery life when fully charged; this ensures that the entire school day happens without having to charge the device. This is way better than Laptops with an average of 2 hours of battery life.

Eight years down the line, what are the impacts of SuccessTAB in terms of educational advancements and improvements?

We understand that there is innovation in teaching and learning. And we know that technology is here to stay. The need to put technology in the hands of digital natives, that is the younger generation is imperative.

Lagos State gave us the Platinum Award. That is the highest award for innovation in learning engagement in Lagos State. We got that in 2022 based on all our functional imputes to advance teaching and learning. Presently, we are the only educational technology company in Nigeria that got that award.

We deployed the largest data classroom in Africa, EkoSuccess Cloud. Last year, SuccessTAB was endorsed by the Lagos State Ministry of Education for all schools and students in Lagos State.

Our drive right now is to ensure that we get this tablet in the hands of every single student and every single child across the country and the continent of Africa. This is to enable them to learn interactively, engagingly, and in a manner that will enable them to distill, maximize and master their subject content.

Again, the deployment of SuccessTAB across schools in Lagos State facilitated the success rate of WAEC results in public schools from 39 percent to 79 percent in 2021. During the pandemic, we facilitated a lot of schools’ transition online with our Success Box platform.

What do you have to say about the scepticism in embracing technology due to perceived negative influence by school owners?

Technology is no longer a thing of the past, rather it is a mainstay. So, school owners who have refused to adopt technology for the benefit and progress of the school will find themselves being laid back. They will find that they are not churning out future-ready students.

They will find out that they are not competitive and they will lose out in terms of registration and enrollment. And people will find out that they are laid back. Parents will not be excited to put their children into those kinds of schools.