May 4, 2024

US actors Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez face new marital challenge

US actors Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez face new marital challenge

American actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez

American filmmaker Ben Affleck and his wife, actress Jennifer Lopez are facing a new challenge in their marital life as their ‘honeymoon’ phase is over.

According to Life & Style magazine, the celebrity couple has been dealing with long-distance issues as they are living separately due to their work commitments.  

The report revealed that Affleck has been busy filming ‘The Accountant’ sequel in Los Angeles, whereas, the ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ singer is working on her projects in New York City. 

A source said, “This is the first long stretch they’ve spent apart in a while. And they’re both dealing with it in different ways.”

In another report, an insider claimed that Jennifer Lopez has not been able to cope with navigating her life without Affleck.

The source shared that the actress and singer “wants constant affirmation from her husband that she’s loved and adored.”

However, Lopez is “not getting much of that now and Ben gets defensive and moody.”

“The honeymoon is definitely over. The feeling is if they want to stay married, they both need to make some adjustments in their behaviour,” an insider stated. 

Jennifer Lopez and Affleck got engaged in the early 2000’s before calling it quits a few years later.

They got back in 2021, and married a year later, and both have been showing commitment to their marital vows.