May 15, 2024

UK’s Minister for Exports thanks consultancy working with schools and families across Nigeria, as given UK Government ‘Export Champion’ status for third year

UK’s Minister for Exports thanks consultancy working with schools and families across Nigeria, as given UK Government ‘Export Champion’ status for third year

An educational consultant, Mark Brooks Education, who develops partnerships and training with Nigerian schools and helps hundreds of families across the nation, has been awarded UK Government ‘Export Champion’ status for the third year in a row and received thanks from the UK’s Minister for Exports, Lord Offord.


For the past 16 years, Mark Brooks Education has brought dozens of top school leaders from across Britain to run seminars and organise exchanges for senior teachers. He also advises parents in Lagos, Abuja and further afield on boarding school, post 16+ and foundation options in the UK.


Lord Offord said “Our world class education offer is in high demand globally, and with Export Champions like Mark we can connect more businesses in the UK to new opportunities in markets across the globe.”

There has been a significant increase in interest in these events and exhibitions in Nigeria over the past few years, since being run in association with the UK’s Department for Business & Trade. They receive invaluable support from experienced teams in the British High Commission based on the ground.


Mark Brooks, said: “There are hundreds of girls and boys from Nigeria enjoying boarding schools in the UK. They are welcomed because they bring a passion for education, and exceptional talents in sport, drama, art, music.”

“The students from Nigeria are hugely positive influence in our school communities. Many schools also tell me that their current or a recent Head Girl or Head Boy is from Nigeria,” he adds.

The majority of students progress onto UK universities and a high proportion return to make a significant contribution to Nigeria’s tremendous achievements in culture, innovation, business and global trade.

The role of an Export Champion is to encourage and inspire other businesses to grow through exporting, networking and developing partnerships, the next series of events from Mark Brooks Education will take place in Nigeria this coming June and September.

The appointment is in recognition of Mark Brooks’ export expertise and successful international trade advisory to schools in the UK on their export journeys.

“Export Champions offer real-world expertise to businesses looking to take their first steps as exporters,” Lord Offord added.

For more information about Mark Brooks Education go to email [email protected]

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is the UK Government department for economic growth. It supports businesses to invest, grow and export, creating jobs and opportunities around the country.

The Export Champion group comprises 400 successful business leaders across England, tasked with passing their expertise in selling overseas onto other, less experienced companies. The role of an Export Champion in voluntary and unpaid.