May 30, 2024

Two robbery suspects jump from two-storey court room, sustain injuries in Oyo

Bandits in Zamfara

By Laolu Elijah, Ibadan

A 27 year old robbery suspect and his partner in crime have injured themselves when they attempted to run away after being arraigned before an Ibadan Magistrate Court, Iyaganku.

The two suspects have been in Agodi Correctional Centre since 2023 where they are awaiting trial.

Vanguard reliably gathered that the suspects jumped from a two-storey building and landed on the hard concrete downstairs thereby sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Though, they didn’t die on the spot, a source at the scene told Vanguard that one of the suspects might not make it as he reportedly landed on the concrete breaking his skull.

“When the two of them jumped through the window in attempt to escape, perhaps they didn’t know how high the court is. They landed heavily on the floor.”

“One of them who was wearing a white vest had his head bleeding while the other suspect’s spinal cord was affected. They couldn’t stand up. Instead, they were writhing in pains.

“The court was about adjourning the case when everyone in the court room heard a loud thud outside. But, the prison officials who brought them to the court quickly ran downstairs to attend to them”.

“They carried the one in white vest into a waiting van. The two of them had handcuffs on them. It looked as if the suspects had planned it earlier because they jumped at different points.
The court, though distracted a bit, then adjourned the case to July 8,2024.”