May 27, 2024

Top 3 coastal highways in the world and their costs

Top 3 coastal highways in the world and their costs

The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway is indisputably a recent controversial project in Nigeria since it was announced by the Minister of Works, Engr Dave Umahi.

Umahi disclosed that the 700 km Lagos-Calabar coastal road project will be constructed for N15 trillion, and as a kilometre of the road will cost N4 billion. 

The project is designed to link Lagos to Cross River, passing through Ogun, Ondo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, and Akwa Ibom states, before arriving Cross River.

It is targeted to enhance transport networks along the southern coastline that stretches from Lagos through the eight coastal states up to Cross River. This is the goal of the massive project.

The Lagos-Calabar coastal highway will be built by the Hitech Construction Company, owned by Gilbert Chargoury.

As the project continues to generate public debates, this piece examines just a few of the world’s coastal highways and their costs.

1. Pacific Coast Highway, the United States

Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is a portion of State Route 1 (SR 1) running along most of the Pacific coastline of the US state of California.

It is also part of the larger Pacific Coastal Highway which is about 2,655 kilometers that extends along the Pacific coast of the entire Americas – linking Canada (North America) and Mexico (South America). 

This asphalted state highway runs along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, leading to its designation as an All-American Road.

It is very intense because there are no guard rails at the edge and there is little room for error if oncoming traffic swerves in your direction. 

Also called Highway 1, it takes about five hours to drive the PCH. The highway sees the most traffic in July and August.

Moreover, the project was built to preserve and extend the life of the existing pavement and improve ride quality, as well as enhance traffic safety, traffic operations, and pedestrian accessibility. 

The initial $1.5 million estimate to build Highway One became $10 million 19 years later. But it remains a historian’s and tourist’s dream.

2. Sea to Sky Highway, Canada

The Sea to Sky Highway, part of British Columbia Highway 99, stretches 121 kilometers from Vancouver to Whistler, offering breathtaking coastal and mountain views. 

Named for its transition from sea-level vistas to alpine scenery, the road presents challenges such as steep gradients and weather hazards. Despite its dangers, it is a popular route, known for its natural beauty and access to outdoor activities. 

Winter conditions require special tires, but the drive rewards with stunning landscapes and cultural attractions along the way, making it a must-visit destination for road trip enthusiasts. The project gulped $600 million for the overall cost of the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Australian Great Ocean Road (B100) is one of the most incredible coastal drives in the world. It is an outstanding coastal journey and one of Australia’s most famous road-touring routes, with awe-inspiring limestone cliffs and incredible rock formations. 

This asphalted road, in the south-eastern coast of Australia, spans 243 kilometers along the stunning coastline of Victoria’s south-west. It links the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. 

Passing the famous Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations, the Great Ocean Road runs along Victoria’s south east edge, starting at Torquay and finishing at Allansford.

About its construction, the Victorian Government announced $272.4 million for roads and bridges in the Budget, which includes $140 million for the historic road itself and $114m for inland routes that connect it to the Princes Highway.