May 27, 2024

Top 10 most expensive football trophies in the world

Top 10 most expensive football trophies in the world
By Efosa Taiwo

Football, the world’s most popular sport, is not just about the beautiful game on the pitch but also the expensive trophies that teams compete for.

These trophies represent glory, history, and triumph. Beyond their symbolic value, some of these trophies are extraordinarily valuable due to the materials used and the craftsmanship involved.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most expensive football trophies in the world:

Expensive football trophies in the world

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is arguably the most prestigious award in football. It stands at 36.8 cm tall and weighs 6.1 kg, made of 18-carat gold. The base features two layers of malachite, a semi-precious stone.

Created by Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga in 1974, its current estimated value is around $20 million. This is not just due to the gold content but also because of its historical and symbolic significance.

2. Copa Libertadores Trophy

The Copa Libertadores Trophy is the premier club trophy in South America, introduced in 1960 and contested by 18 clubs. Made of sterling silver with silver-coated bronze, it is valued at $8.5 million.

3. UEFA Europa League Trophy

The UEFA Europa League Trophy is awarded to the winner of Europe’s second-tier club competition. It features a silver and yellow base and costs $4.5 million.

4. FA Cup Trophy

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The FA Cup Trophy is awarded in the oldest football competition in England. Arsenal was the first team to claim it and has won the most FA Cup titles. Made of sterling silver, the trophy is valued at $1,180,000.

5. Ballon d’Or Trophy

The Ballon d’Or is one of the most prestigious individual awards in football, first crafted by a French jeweler in 1956. It honors the player who has excelled for both club and country. The award weighs 12 kg and is made of brass and gold. Lionel Messi has won it the most, with eight titles, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with five.

6. Africa Cup of Nations

    The African Cup of Nations Trophy holds significant importance for the footballing nations of the African subcontinent. As one of the most prestigious awards in African football, it has a rich history spanning decades. Egypt has been the most successful nation in the tournament’s history. The current holder of the trophy, valued at $150,000, is Ivory Coast who claimed the title in 2024.

    7. Serie A Trophy

    The Serie A Trophy, also known as the Scudetto, is awarded to Italy’s top football club each season. Crafted by renowned artisan Ettore Calvelli in 1960, the trophy features a blue sodalite base and gold rings. It weighs 8 kg and stands 58 cm tall, with a total value of $66,000. Juventus FC has won this trophy 36 times, with Inter Milan being the current holders.

    8. Bundesliga Meisterschale

    The Bundesliga Meisterschale, created in 1964 by renowned art professor Elisabeth Treskow, is awarded to the top team in Germany’s Bundesliga. FC Köln was the first team to lift this shield in 1964. Weighing 11 kg, the shield features a 71.98-carat tourmaline, silver, and gold, and is valued at $57,102.

    9. UEFA Champions League Trophy

    The UEFA Champions League Trophy is the most prestigious award in club football. Thirty-two teams compete for this trophy, typically the top four teams from various European leagues. The trophy symbolizes immense respect and leadership in the football world. Made entirely of silver, it costs $15,000.

    10. English Premier League Trophy

    The English Premier League, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious football leagues, has been a dominant force in Europe and the UK for decades. Many legendary footballers have graced the English fields in pursuit of this coveted trophy, etching their teams’ names into the league’s storied history. The trophy itself is crafted from silver, gilded silver, an African gemstone, and malachite, with a total cost of $10,000. The current holder of the trophy is Manchester City, who have lifted four times in a row.

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