May 6, 2024

Tinubu not responsible for Nigeria’s current hardship – Deputy Speaker, Kalu

Tinubu not responsible for Nigeria’s current hardship – Deputy Speaker, Kalu

…fetes destitutes to mark birthday

By Steve Oko

The Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, said President Bola Tinubu was not responsible for Nigeria’s current economic hardship.

This is as the lawmaker, on Sunday, feted orphans, widows, people living with disabilities and the aged at his Bende, Abia State country home to mark his 53rd birthday.

Fielding questions from newsmen during the massively-attended event, the Deputy Speaker, explained that Nigeria’s current economic ordeals were occasioned by the errors of the previous administrations in the country which, according to him, President Tinubu, is working hard to fix.

“The hardship we are passing through was not caused by this man. It’s a piled up case of previous administrations and how they mismanaged one or two things.”

Kalu urged Nigerians to be patient with President Tinubu as he makes efforts to address the challenges he inherited, claiming that his policies are beginning to yield results.

“We cannot continue to live in lies thinking that all is well. Tinubu wants to clean up the place so that we can have a genuine livelihood that is sustainable. Let’s keep supporting and encouraging him.”

He predicted a brighter future for the country after the current turbulence, urging Nigerians not to give up but to repose confidence in the current leadership of the country.

On why he chose to celebrate his birthday with the destitute, the Deputy Speaker said that life was all about providing care and service for humanity, adding that he is fulfilled putting smiles on people’s faces especially the down trodden.

” I can afford to be in Abuja and celebrate with the rich but of what purpose is that when we still have the poor, the widows, the blind, and orphans around us?

” These classes of people are hardly remembered or cared for. Nobody tells them: I love you, I care for you.

“So, I decided to give them hope. They are here in their numbers, and we are all going to eat from the same pot today, and afterwards, I will give them something to take home.”

The Deputy Speaker said it amounted to cruelty to live in opulence or hoard resources while people wallowed in poverty.

“What is the essence of keeping things in the warehouse when there is hunger in the land? What is the essence of keeping things until election periods?

“I’m not interested in the political party or faith. I’m interested in the colour of humanity which is: if you are up, extend your hands to those who are down.

“Let’s spread love, peace and unity, showing others that we care irrespective of their background or political affiliation.”

Responding to a question on why some key politicians from other parties especially the Peoples Democratic Party in the state were defecting to his All Progressives Congress, APC, the Deputy Speaker attributed the development to President Tinubu’s ‘South East friendly disposition’.

“The product we are selling in the current administration of President Tinubu is the reason. If you are blind, are you also deaf to hear that this man has good plans for the South East region?

“He is doing well and that is what is attracting a lot of people to him. He helped one of their sons to become the number six citizen in the country. And this their son is doing well.

“Tinubu helped in my emergence by ensuring that the plan against the South East producing the Deputy Speaker did not work. He insisted that equity and fairness must prevail. He ensured balance in distribution of positions in the country.

“Mr President has endeared himself in the heart of Abians, and they are beginning to see that this is where the renewed hope is. That’s why they are leaving their parties.

“It’s not only PDP, even members of Labour Party are also joining the APC. We are pushing and targeting other political parties to join the mainstream political party.

“We expect a lot more people to come on board the APC ship. I can assure you that APC will take Abia State”.

Besides a multitude of indigent folks including inmates of orphanage homes, students of the School for the Blind, political heavyweights from different political parties also attended the ceremony.

Some of the party bigwigs included former Speakers, Abia House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Stanley Ohajuruka, and Rt. Hon. Martins Azubuike; former Minister for Labour, Chief Emeka Nwogu; former Rep. member, Sam Onuigbo, ex-Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s Aide, Mr Sam Hart; former Bende Council boss (PDP), Chief Emmanuel Ota, among others.

Highlights of the ceremony was the sharing of food by the Deputy Speaker to the destitutes and a presentation of portrait to him by inmates of orphanage home, who he promised “to be their father henceforth”.

Raw food items and other palliatives were also distributed to his guests.