May 26, 2024

Redefining the fundamentals of legislation

Redefining the fundamentals of legislation

By Dapo Ipoola

Whosoever that is so intimately abreast with the workings and rudiments of the National Assembly will attest to the irreducible and incontestable fact that it is not a place for the lily-livered and doormat who may opine that the upper hallowed chamber is for sybaritic and hedonistic escapades, just as some legislative events and activities have proved that any representative that must be sent to represent his people should know his onions.

Some representatives out of sheer intimidation have been reduced to cheerleaders and bench warmers in the Senate. But in the case of Senator Sadiq Suleiman Umar, the distinguished Senator representing Kwara North, reverse has been the case. Even as a first timer, he was a recognisable voice who could not be shoved aside nor ignored. In an obtrusive display of brilliance and eloquence, Senator Sadiq Suleiman Umar has legislatively in sponsorship advocated for the Payment system bill; establishment of Federal College of Education (Technical), Kaima, Kwara State; Labour institution bill; amendment of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Institute of risk and disaster management; State of the nation address bill; National religious harmony commission; establishment of Federal College of Education, Kaima; establishment of Federal orthopedic hospital, Lafiagi, Kwara State; establishment of Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission, HYPADEC; establishment of Chartered Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Nigeria; Money laundering act; chartered institute of forensic and certified fraud analysts bill; establishment of the Institute of borde studies, Kosubosu, Baruten, Kwara State; National health act (2014) amendment bill; establishment of Federal orthopedic center, Patigi, Kwara State; warehouse receipts bill; establishment of National Assembly Budget and research Office bill; establishment of student financial aids scheme; infrastructure development bill; Central Bank of Nigeria act(amendment) bill, 2022; establishment of National Institute for Chemical Technology; establishment of Institute of company and commercial accountant of Nigeria; ANAN act(amendment)bill, 2021; Raw materials research and development council act 2004(amendment) bill, 2021.

Going by his stint in the Senate, Senator Sadiq Suleiman Umar has jointly cosponsored the following Bills: Alternative dispute resolution bill; mental health bill; geospatial central development commission; harmonies retirement age bill; petroleum industry bill; companies and allied matters act; Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau; Nigeria College of Aviation Technology; orthopedic hospital management board act; National primary health care development agency act; National Blood Service Commission; establishment of National institute for hospitality and tourism; pharmacy council of Nigeria act. 

And as sign of legislative productivity, he has sponsored motions on: The need to pay attention to the plight of border communities in Nigeria; the need to mainstream the National Parks service into the Nigeria security architecture; urgent need for quick disaster response to communities in Baruten and Edu local government areas, Kwara State; urgent need to ensure strict compliance with statutory regulations and provisions regarding the Nigerian Diving sector and also urge the Ministry of Labor to as a matter of urgency inaugurate the Diving Advisory Board to ensure the regulation of its operation in the sector; need for the construction of the Badagry/Sokoto Expressway to promote economic growth and development; urgent need to make the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS, work for Nigerians; urgent need to re-strategise approaches to disturbing dimension of cyber attacks and criminality; urgent need to check illegal mining activities in the country; urgent need to complete all the necessary components of Baro River Port Project of the Lower River Niger; the need to ensure immediate revival of the Brass LNG project in Brass Island, Bayelsa State; urgent need to investigate the breach.

of Nigerian laws by foreign vessels in coastal shipping of petroleum products in the downstream sector of the Nigerian maritime industry; the need to upgrade the Ibadan airport to International airport with modern facilities; the need to address the non-take off of the Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission, HYPADEC, nine years after its passage; urgent need to effect payment due to beneficiaries of the Federal Government Special Public Works Scheme through thier respective chosen banks; urgent need to resuscitate the Nigeria Navy Flagship “NNA ARADU”; urgent need to encourage all multinational and Nigerian oil and gas companies to relocate to their operational base; the need for the continuous implementation of policy reforms for the diversification of the Nigerian economy the agricultural and solid minerals sectors and the Ajaokuta steel company should be a panacea to the diversification of the Nigerian economy; urgent need to reduce accidents involving trucks and articulated lorries(tankers and trailers on our highways; the need to regulate the manufacturing, importation and use of syringes and needles to protect the lives and safety of Nigerians as well as the economy of the country; urgent need for effective response to the current flood disaster in the country; urgent need to investigate Pre-shipment inspection of export activities in Nigeria with respect to non-repatriation of crude oil export proceeds in line with Pre-shipment inspection of Export ActCAP P26 Laws of the federation of Nigeria vis-a-vis challenges posed by global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Senator Sadiq Suleiman Umar as an effulgent student graduated top of his class in 1987, at Borgu Secondary School, New Bussa, with distinctions. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration, master’s degree in Disaster Risk Management and Developmental Studies from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

He is a public health pharmacist, consultant, development expert, community mobilizer, philanthropist, public affair analyst and a leader.

As a representative with second address, he has worked for many years in the health development sector of DFID and USAID SCM Projects, where he spent about two decades managing projects that focus on helping the poor and vulnerable especially women and children. He started as an officer and rose to become Technical Director West Africa, Axios international, a USA based organisation before his foray into politics. 

Being a selfless grass-rooter and an incorrigible progressive who is not solipsistic, he was beckoned on by his people to represent them which later culminated in his election to serve in the 9th Senate, where he was the Chairman Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Primary Health Care and Communicable Diseases and member of several other committees in the 9th senate.

As they say that one good term deserves another, he was again re-elected in 2023, to serve in the 10th senate and he is currently the Chairman, Senate committee on Trade and Investment, and a member of several senate committees including Appropriation, Power, downstream petroleum, Finance, FCT, Public Accounts, Industries, Defence, National Planning, ICT and Cyber Crimes, Local and Foreign Debt.

• Ipoola, a public affairs analyst, lives in  llorin, Kwara State