May 27, 2024

Photos: ‘It’s official.’ Eniola Badmus confirms new political appointment

Photos: ‘It’s official.’ Eniola Badmus confirms new political appointment

Eniola Badmus has expressed her gratitude to Speaker Abbas Tajudeen for appointing her as his Special Assistant on Social Events and Public Hearing.

The actress took to Instagram to share her appreciation for the opportunity to serve under his leadership and for the confidence he has shown in her abilities.

In her Instagram post, Eniola Badmus described the appointment as a significant milestone in her career, emphasizing her eagerness to contribute to their shared goals and vision.

Eniola Badmus wrote: “A sincere heartfelt gratitude for entrusting me with the recent political appointment. It is an honor to be given this opportunity, I am truly honored and excited to serve under your leadership @speakerabbas and I am deeply appreciative of the confidence you have placed in me.
“This appointment is not only a significant milestone in my career but also a chance to contribute meaningfully to our shared goals and vision.

“Your support and belief in my abilities mean a great deal to me. I am committed to working diligently and upholding the principles and values that our team stands for. Thank you for your belief in my potential, and for giving me the chance to make a positive impact.
“I look forward to collaborating closely with you and our colleagues to achieve success in our collective goals and to bring about the positive changes we all aspire to see.

“Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity MR SPEAKER @speakerabbas

Its official.”

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