Facing The Ka'aba

May 3, 2024

Muslim leaders laud Dangote Foundation for philanthropic gesture in Ekiti

Dangote Foundation disburses free 80,000 bags of rice in Lagos

The Muslim leaders in Ekiti have expressed gratitude to the management of the Dangote Foundation for setting a unique philanthropic precedent for the people of the state.

In a display of communal support and social responsibility, the foundation recently extended its philanthropic gestures to the Muslim Communities and organisations in Ekiti State, ensuring that the spirit of Ramadan resonates through acts of kindness.

Through the exercise, ten thousand 10kg bags of rice were distributed to the various Islamic organizations, associations, groups and Muslim communities in all the local governments in Ekiti. The gesture was equally extended to the Christian Association of Nigeria in the state.

Speaking on the gesture, the president of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Ekiti state, Alhaji Hammed Afolabi Bakare, who successfully supervised the distribution of the Dangote Foundation’s largesse in collaboration with committee members to all the sixteen local government councils in the state, described the gifts as life-saving given the present economic reality in the country.

He said despite logistical problems, the food items, initially intended for distribution before the end of Ramadan, have now reached their destinations, thanks to the Dangote foundation’s commitment and logistic support.

He remarked that the initiative had not only bridged the gap between the rich and the poor among Muslims in Ekiti State and set precedent for future philanthropic endeavours.

Alhaji Bakare remained optimistic that the generosity will inspire both Muslim and non-Muslim benefactors to continue the tradition of giving as commanded in the Holy Quaran and recommended in the pillar of Islam of Zakat and Sadaka.

Also speaking, the state secretary of the National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), Mr Tijani Musa and the representative of the Organization of Muslim Unity (OMU), Alhaji Saka Akinola expressed profound gratitude towards the Dangote Foundation.

As the food items reach the hands of the beneficiaries across Ekiti the state, representatives of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN), Ekiti state chapter, Alhaja Taibat Oladunni expressed her appreciation for the fair and inclusive distribution process.