May 1, 2024

‘It’s economic diversification’, NANS lauds ongoing mining sector reforms


By Fortune Eromosele 

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has lauded the ongoing reforms in Nigeria’s mining sector and commends the Ministry for their efforts in diversifying the nation’s revenue streams away from oil dependence. 

A statement by the NANS President, Pedro Obi, highlighted the importance of leveraging Nigeria’s abundant mineral resources to reduce dependency on dwindling oil revenue.

He said, “Nigeria, endowed with vast mineral resources, holds immense potential to thrive beyond oil dependency. 

“NANS recognizes the Ministry’s commitment to turning the tide through ongoing reforms in the mining sector, aligning with the ministry’s 7-point agenda. 

“These reforms signify a pivotal step towards achieving economic diversification and fostering sustainable development in Nigeria.

“In solidarity with the progress made in the mining sector, NANS calls upon all stakeholders to continue their unwavering support for Engr Obadiah Nkom, the Director General of the Nigeria Cadastre Office. 

“Engr Nkom’s exemplary leadership qualities have been instrumental in driving the President’s Renewed Hope agenda on the mining sector and facilitating the diversification of the nation’s revenue from the oil sector to non-oil sources.

“NANS acknowledges the remarkable achievements of Engr Obadiah Nkom, particularly the digitalization of operations aimed at blocking revenue leakages. 

“This transparency milestone, championed by NANS, underscores the significant strides made in ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the mining sector.

“As the voice of Nigerian students, NANS reaffirms its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable development and economic prosperity. 

“The association urges all stakeholders to join hands in fostering a conducive environment for the growth and advancement of Nigeria’s mining sector.”