May 15, 2024

History and Evolution of KiwiGambler

Evolution of KiwiGambler

By the end of 2024, the global online gambling market is projected to reach a mind blowing US$100.90bn. This growth has been boosted by mature markets which can be mainly found in Europe as well as countries that have regulated iGaming in recent years — mostly found in the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. iGaming stretches from online versions of traditional casino games to online poker and sports betting with all submarkets showing huge potential. 

Growth of iGaming is explained by shifting attitudes to online betting activities and thus more flexible laws. Technological developments, such as mobile gaming, safer payment platforms, and next generation web designs have turned online gambling into a fully respected industry. 

Attitudes have positively changed towards companies that operate in iGaming — whether that’s a betting platform, game developer, payment provider, or affiliate business — which explains why the industry as a whole has been striving like never before.

One of the most remarkable stories is told by KiwiGambler, one of the leading casino affiliate businesses in New Zealand. In today’s special, the New Zealand based company’s inspiring story proves that there are literally no boundaries in doing business digitally, even for platforms wanting to target one of the most isolated countries in the world. 

History and Evolution of KiwiGambler 

Where European markets have shown more signs of saturation in recent years, the surge of new markets outside of Europe have increasingly drawn the attention of major iGaming operators. Gambling companies that have traditionally targeted consumers from Europe, have shown more and more interest in the United States, Canada, and Latam countries. Other extremes like Australia and New Zealand are emerging as new destinations as well, favoured by the lack of borders in the digital landscape. Everywhere one can find online gambling sites, one will encounter affiliates as well with one of the most sought after online affiliates in New Zealand being KiwiGambler. As one of the leading affiliate businesses for iGaming, it has built its company around promoting offshore casinos for New Zealanders.


KiwiGambler’s story has shown that digital entrepreneurs have the potential to become a virtual bridge between companies operating in all corners of the world. Bringing together, Europa and Oceania, with special attention to Malta, punters looking for online entertainment are no longer required to travel to land based casino venues or even travel abroad for all the bells and whistles. With online casinos offering thousands of slot machines and table games and paying out millions of dollars in real prize money, the gambling minded are not tied to brick and mortar locations anymore to bet with real money. As one of the most popular iGaming intermediaries in the country, KiwiGambler personifies the industry’s flexibility.


Early Beginnings

Established in 2019, KiwiGambler is a New Zealand based online platform, managed by a dedicated team of gambling enthusiasts. What once started as a fascination for fruit machines, or pokie machines as colloquially known in New Zealand, has now become a digital business with a focus on online games rather than their traditional predecessors. With 22 years of experience their goal is to provide gambling minded New Zealanders with gaming platforms that are both known for their thrilling game assortments and solid reputation. The company considers finding reputed gambling operators as one of the most important objectives as it believes that iGaming needs to be fun and safe at the same time.

Technological Advancements

Today, online gambling has turned into a billion dollar industry with many stock listed iGaming operators. Twenty years ago, however, online casinos had a negative reputation known as prone to rigged results and incomplete or even fully lacking payouts. At the time, music bands and even movie studios didn’t want to collaborate with slot providers under any circumstances, even when offered large sums of money. 

Today, all bands ranging from Guns N’ Roses to KISS have their own branded slot game for quite the same reason: they are offered large sums of money and are eager to hop aboard. Even the dead have resurrected with The Jimi Hendrix Experience being the best example of how the world’s opinion has changed about online gambling. Football teams are sponsored by online casinos, even national leagues are lured by the money offered by online casinos. With millions of players everywhere and many of them connecting from a mobile device, online casinos have invested in interaction. 

As a result, the industry has made major steps when it comes to getting the most out of technological advancements. Not only casino games like roulette and blackjack have found their way to gaming lobby’s, Bingo, Slingo, sports betting and live streams are now closely connected to casino websites. Live dealer games, streamed from special studios and guided by live, human dealers, revolutionised the industry in 2016 when the first of this category was launched. With new gambling products being added every year, everybody’s seeing the industry’s potential, from game developers to the treasury departments of governments. 

Regulatory Changes

Other than one would expect, online gambling, however, does not enjoy legal status in New Zealand whilst the same is true for some US states or provinces in Canada. Other than in some North American regions, the activity is not banned in New Zealand as its government does not prohibit its residents from playing online. While casino websites operating on New Zealand soil are not allowed with the Gambling Act 2003, players are fully allowed to make their bets as long as the operating casino is located offshore. Following legislation in countries like Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands, New Zealand may be the next in line to embrace online casinos and bookmakers.

Market Expansion and Adaptation

As one of the pioneers in New Zealand’s iGaming affiliate industry, KiwiGambler is expected to expand their activities when legalisation comes through in the country. When this happens, it will be required to adjust its company policy as regulation implies new rules and thus adaptation. Industry experts believe that the New Zealand based company will be able to do so as entrepreneurs in countries like Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands have been able to adapt and get the most out of continuously changing rules in regulated markets. 

Community and Social Responsibility

One of the main reasons that the New Zealand based affiliate business is expected to continue its growth is that the company is run by local gambling enthusiasts. Most other affiliate businesses that have turned their attention to New Zealand are known to be owned by internationally operating entrepreneurs, mostly located in Europe or North America. 

Considered a crucial factor for long term success, iGaming companies that operate locally are known to understand the needs and preferences of consumers to much more detail than offshore based organisations. This is particularly important in a niche market like online gambling as a company’s attitude towards responsible gaming and thus social responsibility make a difference whether local consumers and casinos want an affiliate to prevail or not. 

Future Outlook and Conclusion

In the ever changing online gambling industry, companies that operate in this niche will continue to grow — whether that’s an online casino, game developer or an affiliate. 

What will significantly help any company operating in a country as isolated as New Zealand is to understand the local market. With no physical boundaries in place, iGaming affiliate businesses from all corners of the world have entered the market trying to get a piece of the market. Other than many countries, the New Zealand government has not legalised, nor banned online gambling — providing huge potential for both casinos and affiliate companies. 

Although online gambling has not been legalised in New Zealand, consumers who are overage are not prohibited from wagering online as long as they stick to offshore operated companies. One of the examples of a successful casino affiliate business in New Zealand is KiwiGambler, which enjoys the advantage of working with local online casino entrepreneurs. As one of the first iGaming affiliates in the country, industry experts believe the company will be ready to adapt to whatever the market needs — whether it’s in a grey area or whether local lawmakers give the green light to legalise online gambling.