May 8, 2024

God uplifted Ndigbo out of poverty, penury after civil war — Igboezue

Igbo Presidency: How best to realise it

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

THE Igboezue International Association Nigeria and the Diaspora, IIAND, yesterday urged Ndigbo not to panic about what they are going through in Nigeria, saying that God is with them and can never abandon them.

IIAND, while addressing newsmen in Onitsha through its National President,  Pius Okoye, urged Ndigbo not to relent in the features they are known for, namely, working hard, being law-abiding and living in peace and harmony with their neighbours, as well as avoiding shedding of innocent blood, saying that the God who uplifted them out of state of poverty and penury after the Nigeria-Biafra civil war will always be with them.

IIAND, however, warned organisations and individuals dragging the name of Ndigbo to the mud to rethink  or end the way people who have maligned  the name of Ndigbo ended.

He said: “We are hearing a  rumour that a group  and its members have been paid and that they are planning to apologise to a particular ethnic group that has been killing Ndigbo and others in Nigeria for the killing of one of their own  as a way to atone to the hardship against Ndigbo and we ask the question: who should be apologising to who?

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“We in IIAND believe that Ndigbo have not sinned against anybody and have nothing to apologise to anyone in Nigeria. Rather, it is Ndigbo that should be apologised to by Nigerians and that particular ethnic group that has caused pains to families in Igboland.”

Reacting to the recent attack against the person of Mr. Peter Obi and bringing Ndigbo to the matter that does not concern them by Minister of Works, Dave Umadi, IIAND said it is unfortunate that Igbo sons and daughters in politics are the ones bringing Ndigbo into matters they have no business with because of  their hatred against each other and their political leanings.

“Yes, Peter Obi criticised the Federal Government’s planned construction of the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project, which former Vice President and PDP stalwart, Atiku Abubakar first criticised, and the Federal Government replied Atiku on point not against him as a person or his ethnic background. 

“We are shocked that Umahi instead of replying to Obi  on point as the Federal Government did against Abubakar, attacked the person of Obi, accusing him of trying to incite Ndigbo against President Tinubu.

“The matter, Obi’s criticism of the project, neither  concern Tinubu  nor Ndigbo, and we wonder why a man of such calibre, a former Governor of Ebonyi State, should bring Ndigbo into such a matter that does not concern them if  not for trying to retain his job.

“We think that Ndigbo deserve an apology from Umahi. If he had stopped at just attacking Obi and accusing him of incitement, we would not worry, but bringing Ndigbo in his comment is lack of respect for the Igbo nation. We demand an apology from him.”