May 22, 2024

EFCC under fire for failing to act on N500bn graft allegations



By Luminous Jannamike

ABUJA – The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is facing intense scrutiny and criticism for its apparent inaction in investigating and prosecuting a former Governor of Delta State, who has been accused of looting a staggering N500 billion in state funds.

The allegations, which have been widely reported, detail an elaborate scheme of embezzlement, involving the former Governor, his family members, and cronies.

Despite the gravity of the allegations and the purported evidence, the EFCC has yet to take any concrete action, sparking widespread outrage and disbelief.

Briefing journalists on Wednesday, the Network Against Corruption and Trafficking Initiative (NACAT), a leading anti-corruption group, expressed its frustration and disappointment at the EFCC’s lack of progress in the case.

“We have submitted petitions, provided evidence, and followed up with the EFCC, but it seems like they are not interested in pursuing this case. It’s unacceptable that a case of this magnitude is being swept under the carpet. We will not let this matter die. We will continue to demand justice and accountability, until those responsible are brought to book,” said Tega Oghenedoro, Executive Director of NACAT.

NACAT has also accused the EFCC of selective prosecution, alleging that the commission is only focused on prosecuting cases that are politically expedient, while ignoring others that are just as serious.


“This is a clear case of corruption and abuse of power, and the EFCC’s inaction is a betrayal of public trust,” said Stanley Ugabe, Operations Manager of NACAT.