May 19, 2024

Dropping out of school for acting not good enough – Hope Samuel

By Ayo Onikoyi

Acting means everything to Hope Omenihu Samuel as she has done just about everything regarding the craft, including making a mark as a producer.

But for the woman from Elelenwo, Porthacourt, Rivers State pursuing a career in acting shouldn’t be at the expense of every other thing in anyone’s life.

Hope Samuel

She frowns at the fact that some girls drop out of school to pursue a career in acting, saying that it is a wrong choice that could have dire consequences in the future.

“Aspiring to make a living in the movie industry should not be a do or die affair. I don’t believe in young girls dropping out of school and messing themselves up because they want to be movie stars. Go to school hold onto something as a graduate and then you can join the queue in the industry,” she advises.

Hope Samuel understands the place of priorities all too well as she has had to put her passion aside to focus on a more important thing in her life.

“I started producing and acting professionally in 2003. It wasn’t easy for me in my early days. My kids were still little,,  so l had to stop acting and producing to tend to issues. I came back in 2013, though it’s not being rosy, I believe we will get there,” she says.

Apart from acting and producing movies, the woman who also revealed that she came into the industry as a married woman and mother is an entrepreneur and Motivational speaker. She is currently resident in Abuja.

As a producer, she had displayed her prowess in movies such as Household Murder, Broken Home, Love/SACRIFICE, Domestic Chaos, Locked, Christmas Holiday, Akawo, Nurses on Duty, Nuns Secrets and many others.

She has also acted in many movies, including Sweet Candy, The Love I Found, My Rich Girlfriend, Kiki’s Dilemma amongst others.