May 28, 2024

Create enabling environment, investors ’ll come, ADC tells FG


…says Tinubu didn’t create Nigeria’s problems, his policies exacerbated them

John Alechenu

The National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Ralphs Nwosu, has advised the President Ahmed Tinubu-led administration to concentrate on creating an enabling environment instead of chasing after elusive foreign direct investments.

Nwosu said this in his address of welcome during the 76th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the party which ended in Abuja, Tuesday.

He noted that foreign investors will fall over themselves to get a piece of the Nigerian market once government is able to get its acts together by providing the much needed conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

While giving his assessment of Tinubu’s one year in office, the ADC national chairman said it has been a year full of “policy gaffes.”

He said, “On the state of the nation, I believe Nigerians know the truth about their government and country. Only a few still live in denial.

“The bible verse ‘My father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions” captures our situation under the APC-led government of the last nine years.

“As I have often said, it is irreconcilable that a democratically elected government will on day one impose hardship on the people.

“To increase the price of any commodity by over 400 percent from day one by a new administration is not only callous, it is cruel, dangerous, and evil, it shows the mind and heart of the Presidency and elected officials of the day and their advisers.”

He further said, “The consequence of this policy gaffe can only be imagined. In due time, I pray that our scholars, researchers, and various data mapping organizations will be able to show the morbidity,

mortality, poverty, loan defaults, business closures, insecurity, and quantum of investment blockage (local and foreign) that singular action has caused.

“The hospital records alone cannot give the morbidity or mortality; many of our people cannot pay hospital bills or the transportation to get near the hospitals either. Not even the overflowing morgue records. 

“Many families are so impoverished that they can neither afford the transportation cost to take their sick ones to the hospital, many cannot afford the hospital bills while many more cannot pay mortuary bills or afford the funeral costs. Party leaders, I do not need to tell you that our people live in despair.

“The policy flops are too many and have set all tiers, arms and agencies of government on fire alert while our fire brigades are in comatose.

“That has resulted in policy summersault at every stage of President Tinubu’s led government. The economy is in shambles.

“The monetary framework of the Central Bank of Nigeria can no longer be trusted to stabilize the Naira as our foreign reserve has been depleted to rock bottom.

“The administration goes cap in hand looking for investors and loans. But the environmental analysis is damning.”

Speaking about the security situation, Nwosu said, “The security situation is awful. Bandits still occupy many Local governments and farm areas. Kidnapping for ransom and other vices are rampant. The streets are not safe.

“Transportation is grinding to a halt; either by air or road. The road infrastructure and security situation discourage road travel apart from fuel costs. The airports are becoming ghost and isolated areas.”