May 26, 2024

Being sexy is about finding fulfillment in life – Aishat Mohammed

By Ayo Onikoyi

Aishat Mohammed is an unusual actress who sees things in the most unusual ways.

She’s a package of beauty and brain, without the usual frills that would sooner throw you off your feet than attract you. And she did land a cheeky one on Potpourri in a recent chat when she was asked what being sexy means to her.

“For me, being sexy is about finding fulfillment in all areas of life, being a trailblazer, adding value to others, achieving goals and inspiring those around you. It’s also about being confident and resilient,” she says, exuding a charm that could be expected from a woman of her looks and figure.

Of course, it was a disappointing response from such an alluring woman but there’s more from where that came from.

When asked about her opinion on sex, marriage and relationships, she simply replied, “There’s no formula. The key is to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Trust your instincts, prioritize your happiness and fulfillment.

Aishat Mohammed, who is from Kano State doesn’t really hide her beauty and figure under any veil but she doesn’t go around leaving gaping mouths and starry eyes in her path either by exposing her nature’s gifts.

“Flaunting one’s endowment is indeed all about an individual’s choice.

“Aishat Mohammed is an easy-going, generous person, full of energy, and I am always striving to achieve my goals.

In public, I carry that same positive energy and determination, presenting myself as a goal getter. I believe in being true to myself and spreading positivity wherever I go,” she said of her person.

On high and low moments of her career, the graduate of Herbert-Hoover-Schule, Berlin Germany, Berlin School of Business and Innovation sprung another surprise response again.

For me, every lesson is a valuable experience that helps me excel in my craft. Each opportunity to learn and grow brings me closer to becoming the best version of myself as an actress. I embrace every lesson with enthusiasm and use it to fuel my passion for acting. It’s a continuous journey of growth and improvement,” she said.

Aishat Mohammed has featured in movies like, Stand By You , Please Love Me, When The Dice Role, Passing Out , Chasing Shadows and so on.