May 24, 2024

BBNaija winner Phyna calls out show organisers over unpaid prize money


Ijeoma Josephine Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, the winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ season 7, has taken to social media to call out the show organisers, Multichoice, for their inability to pay her winning Crypto BTC prize money worth over N100 million.

Phyna, who was in tears during an Instagram Live session, expressed her frustration and disappointment over the unpaid prize money, which had been owed her since the show ended two years ago.

She urged the organisers to pay her the 1BTC prize money, which had increased in value to over N100 million.

The development sparked an uproar on social media, with many fans and celebrities reacting with diverse opinions.

It has raised questions about the transparency and accountability of reality TV shows in Nigeria and the need for clearer guidelines and regulations to protect the rights of participants.

While some have shown support for Phyna, others have questioned her approach in seeking redress.

Daniel Regha tweeted that Phyna should consider taking legal action, instead of relying on social media outcry.

“Phyna keeps complaining online that she’s owned 1BTC, but what stops her from taking legal actions?

“It’s almost as if she’s more focused on the weekly clout and not the supposed money. BBN organisers aren’t above being dragged to court, this is a simple case. She’s not serious,“he tweeted.

Another handle named, ThisisTolu, on the other hand, offered words of encouragement and advised Phyna to seek legal redress and explore other options to recover her prize money.

“Hey Phyna, I know you’re feeling really down right now, and it’s completely understandable.

“Crying is a natural response when something unfair happens, especially when it’s about something significant like being owed 1BTC from BBN.

“That’s a lot of money, and it’s not just about the financial aspect – it’s about trust and respect as well.

“Consider reaching out to BBN again, maybe through a formal letter or email, detailing your situation and the impact this has had on you.

“Sometimes, a clear, calm, and professional approach can be very effective. If necessary, you might want to seek legal advice or help from a consumer rights organization.

“They can provide guidance on how to proceed and ensure that you get what you are owed,”she tweeted.

An online name, Rita Sunshine, condemned the lack of integrity on the part of the organisers, stating that such a situation would not be tolerated in advanced countries.

“Integrity is a big issue in Nigeria. Why would an organisation make commitments that they never had any intention of keeping?

“Should this happen in any advanced country, Multichoice will pay through their teeth.

“In case all conditions for payment are documented in your award contract, get lawyers, write them and publicise it, mount heavy pressure on the organisers and you’ll definitely get ur bitcoin worth.

“Online tears are unnecessary. I hope this helps,”she said.

Timi of Lagos suggested that Phyna’s inability to secure lucrative gigs and maintain a strong fan base after the show might have contributed to the organisers’ reluctance to pay her prize money.

“It seems like Phyna didn’t make enough money for Big Brother after the post-show. After the show, she didn’t get any gigs or much attention on social media.

“Because she didn’t have a strong fan base, Big Brother wasn’t able to make much money from Phyna,“he said.

As the situation continues to unfold, fans and stakeholders are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the issue and hoping that Phyna will receive her rightful prize money.