May 8, 2024

Angry Man United fan laments, dumps club jersey

Angry Man United fan laments, dumps club jersey

A Nigerian Manchester United fan has voiced his frustration on social media, highlighting the emotional and financial strain of supporting his team.

In a viral video, the fan apologised to the interviewer while removing his jersey after Manchester United’s 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

He expressed disappointment in the club’s representatives, suggesting they did not honor the club’s legacy.

He said, “To even start with I don’t want to wear this jersey to do this interview, I’m very sorry. Why I no go wear this jersey is simple.

“E get people when dey wear this badge where dem dey pay salary, dey pay match bonus, but they’re not proud of this jersey. Every week I lose financially and psychologically because I’m a Man U fan, and an employee on the payroll is not proud of wearing this jersey of wearing this jersey. 

“Legendary clothes, a jersey people wish to wear every footballer in England wants to play in Man u, Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich.

“It’s a dream of every footballer, and we have footballers who are not proud of wearing this beautiful jersey so I can’t wear it.” [sic]

Manchester United have not had the best of seasons and they sit 8th on the league table.