May 7, 2024

Adopt strategic business model for sustainable growth, Aruona tells SMEs

Adopt strategic business model for sustainable growth, Aruona tells SMEs

A seasoned business and financial analyst, Blessing Aruona, has called to business enterprises, particularly small and medium enterprises (smes), to embrace strategic business approaches in order to succeed and remain sustainable in the market place.

Aruona, who stated this during thegathering of industry professionals, said the significance of aligning business strategies with growth objectives, underscored the transformative potential of strategic planning in propelling SMEs to new heights, adding that the failure to be strategic could precipitate significant setbacks, particularly for SMEs and startups.

Highlighting the multifaceted challenges confronting businesses, ranging from governmental policy shifts to natural calamities and evolving market dynamics, Aruona stressed the critical importance of proactive and adaptable strategy formulation and execution.

He said: “Not understanding the optimal business strategy to adopt can exact dire consequences on businesses, impeding their growth, sustainability, and bottom line.”

Drawing upon his extensive experience in assisting SMEs and startups, Aruona shed light on the prevalent challenge of insufficient awareness regarding effective strategies to surmount obstacles.

He accentuated the imperative for business proprietors to solicit professional counsel and guidance to craft resilient and bespoke strategies tailored to their objectives and market exigencies.

He forewarned that neglecting this imperative could result in lost opportunities, financial setbacks, and ultimately, business demise.

He implored enterprises to accord strategy development paramount importance as a proactive measure to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities within an increasingly cutthroat market milieu.

He said: “Businesses must acknowledge that strategic planning is not a one-off event but an ongoing iterative process necessitating continual evaluation and adaptation. By investing in the appropriate strategies, businesses position themselves for sustained success.”

He urged business proprietors to seek expert guidance and leverage technology and market intelligence to craft effective strategies poised to propel their enterprises forward amidst today’s dynamic and uncertain business terrain.