May 2, 2024

36-yr-old Edward John vies for Kaduna PDP Chairmanship, says ‘I’m prepared’

36-yr-old Edward John vies for Kaduna PDP Chairmanship, says ‘I’m prepared’

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

Mr Edward John Auta, a 36 year old aspirant for the Chairmanship of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State has said that if elected, he would combine the energy of the youth and wisdom of the old to transform the PDP in Kaduna into a much stronger opposition party that would wrestle power from the APC government in 2027.

Speaking at a media parley in Kaduna on Thursday, Mr John Auta said his election as Chairman of PDP in the state would bring an end to alleged bad governance of past administrations which had a toll on the citizens, as the PDP would come up strong and herald a new dawn in democratic governance.

While assuring that he was fully prepared for the task ahead, he said he’s not a green horn in the affairs of the party and has the capacity to resolve challenges and reposition the PDP for the continued growth and development of Kaduna State .

“I have no enemy to fight in taking PDP to a greater heights..I am in this contest because I have the capacity to deliver and I understand the problems bedeviling PDP in Kaduna State. I know that if given the opportunity I will unseat the government in 2027. This is why I am in the race. “

“I hope the leadership of PDP and the generality of our party will look at my capacity, look at my experience and the love I have for our party and most importantly the love I have for the people of Kaduna State and give me the support so that together we can return our party to power in 2027. I believe that I am the right person to be the chairman of PDP in Kaduna State because I have no enemy to fight. I belong to nobody, but I belong to everybody.:

“It will interest you to know that I have been part and parcel of campaign organisation of the PDP; in 2019 I was a member of the campaign management committee of Isah Mohammed Ashiru during the primary and I was also a member of the PDP campaign organisation in the State. In the last election that was held I was the Director Media Relations of the Isah Mohammed Ashiru campaign Consultative Committee in the State. After the primary I was the Director media committee for the campaign organisation. So I am not a green horn in PDP. Though I am young, but I have contributed immensely to PDP and I am still contributing.”

“As I speak with you I am the Special Adviser Media and public affairs to the current chairman of PDP in the State, Honourable Felix Hassan Hyet. So if I say I know the issue within and outside PDP, I am speaking with authority because I have been in that corridor for many years now. After many years in an organisation I think it is enough for one to gun for any top management position in that organisation. I have always said that although I am a youth.”

He said Kaduna haven found itself in difficult times between 2016 to 2023, some of them have to join forces with the People’s Democratic Party to salvage the State from the very difficult situation the people found themselves.

He recalled that the PDP tried to reclaim power in Kaduna State in.2019 and 2023,but that was not to be, adding that ten months after the citizens are still yearning for more.

” There is dire need for the major opposition to have a change of guard … Fortunately the PDP announced after its last NEC meeting and also released timetables for Congresses, from wards to State levels. And Kaduna State happened to be one of those few States that are going to have change of guard.”

“Because of this opportunity those who love PDP decided to present themselves for the party leadership to have a formidable team to hold the ruling party to accountability. I am one of such persons that love PDP and I understand the challenges in the State and challenges of PDP. And I have the solutions to these challenges. I am offering myself to contest for the position of the PDP State chairmanship. It is a noble intention which I cannot do without the press.”

“I look forward to a robust relationship with gentlemen of the press as I embark on this journey. And I want to assure you that I am not going to sit down and wait for somebody to give me the power because power is not take and give. I am leaving no stone unturned, I am going to run this0 race the way it should be done. And by the grace of God I will succeed.”

He assured that he was independent and was not sponsored by any person or group, pointing out that he has garnered enough strength and experience to be the game changer when he becomes the state chairman of the PDP.