April 18, 2024

We arrested DJ Commissioner Wysei not Switch – Police apologise for mix-up

We arrested DJ Commissioner Wysei not Switch – Police apologise for mix-up

The Lagos State Police Force has issued an apology following a mix-up regarding the alleged arrest of popular disc jockey DJ Switch.

Earlier reports had circulated on Thursday claiming that DJ Switch had been arrested for alleged assault.

DJ Switch promptly refuted these reports, vehemently denying any involvement in such incidents and warning of legal action against those spreading false rumors.

She wrote, “I was woken up by a barrage of calls and text this morning. I wondered why because I know today is not my birthday. Only to find that I, have been arrested.

“One of the links that was sent to me alleged that I had assaulted the police. Now, while I am not a fan of many of our police men and women, I do not condone nor do I support violence against the police.

“That being said, my lawyers have screenshotted every blog they can find this false news and this is defamation of my character. These blogs have till end of day to take down this false news and kindly replace with a post correcting their mistake. I am not looking for cheap publicity, I hate clout chasing and I actually am not an ass because I was advised to sue immediately which would cost them all a lot. So please do the needful and let us learn.”

In a brief statement on social media platform X, Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police spokesperson, admitted that there was a mixup leading to the “misleading” reports.

The police spokesperson said the arrested DJ was “Wysei, not Switch”.

Hundeyin apologised to DJ Switch and some news outlets which he had earlier given confirmation.

“There is a mixup from our end. Arrested person is DJ Commissioner Wysei not DJ Switch,” he wrote.

“Apologies for all inconveniences to a few media outfits like Lindaikeji, BBC and TVC that I gave confirmation this morning.