April 23, 2024

Video: Bullying at Abuja British School sparks outrage

Video: Bullying at Abuja British School sparks outrage

Videos capturing a distressing scene of a female student being subjected to bullying by a group of her peers have circulated widely across social media platforms, igniting a wave of outrage and demands for justice.

The victim, identified as a student of the prestigious Lead British International School located in Abuja, has become the focal point of a disturbing incident that has drawn widespread attention online.

The alarming footage came to light when a concerned individual took to Twitter on Monday, sounding the alarm and urging action to address the violent behavior witnessed in the videos.

“I need you guys to help me get justice. She was bullied in her school by her classmates at Lead British School, Abuja,” the tweep captioned.

The user shared two videos depicting the female student being struck on the face amidst an apparent discord.

In the first video, the victim endures repeated slaps from a female classmate, who is heard questioning, “who broke my heart?”

In a second video, the victim sits beside a male classmate who confesses, “I spoilt her relationship.”

Nigerians have flooded the comments section, denouncing the incident and sharing their own experiences, underscoring the widespread concern and outrage sparked by the footage.