April 28, 2024

Tompolo instrumental to peace in N’Delta – Ogulagha Elders Synod


Ogulagha Community Elders Synod has commended High Chief Government Oweizide aka Tompolo for peace in the kingdom and Ijaw nation.

It noted that Tomopolo’s commitment has also contributed to the socioeconomic development of the Niger Delta.

The group, led by Fred lngla, said Tompolo’s Tantita Security Company has played a pivotal role in securing oil assets within the region, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding vital infrastructure to ensure steady increase in crude oil production.

According to the group, “beyond High Tompolo’s achievements in security and peacekeeping, he has genuine concern for the betterment of the Ijaw nation as evident through his philanthropic gestures from educational scholarships to healthcare provisions which is all about selfless leadership and prioritizing the welfare of the people above all else.

“the benevolent contributions of Tompolo to nation building have positively impacted countless lives, empowered communities and fosterd sustainable development in the Niger Delta and beyond. We recognize his role in promoting unity, progress, and prosperity within the Ijaw nation.

“Considering the impact Tompolo has made, we want to express gratitude to God for the honor bestowed upon him.

” The honorary doctorate degree award conferred on Tompolo is a reaffirmation of his steadfast commitment to serving his community and advancing the collective aspirations of the Ijaw nation.”