April 25, 2024

‘Time never reach?’ Prophet under fire after predicting rapture will happen April 25th

A Nigerian pastor has declared that rapture and the end of the world will occur simultaneously on April 25th, 2024.

A Nigerian prophet has come under fire on social media after revealing that rapture and the end of the world will occur simultaneously on April 25, 2024.

The prophet, with the handle @Prophetmetu on social media platform X, claimed that the Lord took him on a trance on two separate occasions, revealing signs that foretell these impending events.

Admitting his own fear regarding the visions he received, the pastor called on believers and non-believers alike to start preparing for the prophesied event.

He said,“If you like take it serious, if you like don’t take it serious, but this is real: rapture is coming on the 25th of April, 2024. I saw it very clear. I saw the date very clear, the Lord ministered it to me twice, it has happened twice. I saw myself in a trance and I saw two mountains, everything was clear, it is real. I am even afraid right now. But if you have not prepared yourself for the rapture, start preparing yourself now, it is real. If you read your bible very well, you will know that every sign that is stated that is going to happen before the end of the world has come to pass so it is only remaining one thing which is rapture.”

However, hours into the day, Nigerians are still awaiting the manifestation of the pastor’s revelation with many tweeps calling him out to know what time exactly in the day the rapture will happen.

Reactions range from hilarity to skepticism and criticism of the pastor’s prophesy, prompting discussions about faith, mortality, and the end times.

@LereecalSnipper: Today never finish o, e fit still happen for night.
Just imagine say you just vanish when you just alight bus, wan pay conductor, wo! Agbero go bring you back with juju

@mordi_divine: Lol. Did God say not even the Angels know the day of the rapture?
Una go just wake up one morning dey yarn dust up and down. May the lord forgive you bro

@omtoyosi08: I can’t believe in 2024 people are still talking about rapture. The world has been in existence for about 38,000 years.

@Shile_matrix: Even Christ Jesus said he didn’t know the date not even Angel in heaven only God does, so I ask again who goes him.

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