April 21, 2024

Tech Guard: Why we’re spearheading digital security revolution in Africa – Ezenwa

Tech Guard: Why we’re spearheading digital security revolution in Africa – Ezenwa

By Luminous Jannamike

ABUJA – Serial entrepreneurial and Security expert, Architect Chukwudi Ezenwa has made bold claims about Tech Guard, his pioneering Tech company on revolutionizing digital innovation in Africa’s Security Landscape.

Ezenwa, who serves as Chairman, GSS Security, a leading private security firm in Nigeria, noted that the company has embarked on a transformative journey into the intricate domain of cybersecurity, signifying a strategic shift to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in the digital landscape.

In an interview, Ezenwa expressed not just optimism but a profound sense of excitement about the company’s venture into the realms of cybersecurity, data protection, and cutting-edge security technology.

Born from the vision of digitalizing his existing physical private security firm, Tech Guard according to Ezenwa offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions spanning cybersecurity, IoT, artificial Intelligence and robotics.

In his words, “The company’s mission is hinged on complementing traditional human-centric security approaches with cutting-edge technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in safeguarding clients’ assets and information.

“As a remote startup, the company’s agile tech team operates flexibly from anywhere, leveraging our existing customer base to drive rapid growth and scalability”.

Ezenwa expressed deep passion about harnessing technology to address pressing security challenges.

According to him, Tech Guard is committed to shaping a safer and more secure future for Africa and beyond.

Ezenwa eloquently articulated the pivotal role of safeguarding digital identities and assets in an era marked by relentless technological advancements.

He underscored the imperative nature of this endeavor, emphasizing GSS Security’s unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology-driven security solutions.

He opined that Techguard has been strategically crafted to bridge the widening gap in digital security literacy and provide robust safeguards against cyber threats.

Ezenwa’s emphasis on the company’s dedication underscores its vision to actively contribute to enhancing digital security awareness and protection on a broader scale.

Architect Ezenwa went on to disclose that Techguard had since intitiated a comprehensive recruitment process, with the publication of job listings sparking substantial interest among potential candidates who wish to join the company’s tech team.

This influx of applications not only reflects the growing awareness surrounding the importance of cybersecurity but also signals a palpable enthusiasm within the workforce to contribute to this dynamic field.

Ezenwa assured stakeholders of a transparent and meticulous approach in selecting the right experts who will play a pivotal role in driving Techguard’s vision forward.

GSS Security’s strategic entry into the realm of cybersecurity serves as a testament to its adaptive capabilities in addressing contemporary security challenges.

Beyond fortifying physical spaces, this move positions the company as a key player in safeguarding the increasingly vital digital realm.

The Chairman’s public announcement not only communicates the company’s commitment to staying ahead in technology-driven security solutions but also signals a new era for GSS Security, where its influence extends beyond traditional security services to encompass the ever-expanding landscape of digital protection.

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