April 7, 2024

Tax the rich, subsidize electricity for poor people – Peter Obi tells FG

Peter Obi

By Charly Agwam – Bauchi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi has charged the federal government to tax rich Nigerians to be able provide cheap electricity for the poor.

Obi said this in Bauchi on Sunday when he commissioned a water project he donated to Sabo Layi Community along Bauchi-Ningi Road.

“What we’ve been doing is going round communities in the country, and talking to people to learn and understand about their livelihood, and to see if there’s any little thing I can help with.

“The solution is very simple (referring to electricity tariff hike), you can increase the tariff for those in areas where they can afford it. We need to do a lot in the area of power generation, because it has taken so long. But we have to put into consideration that majority of Nigerians are suffering.

“So we need to support people in those areas to be able to live and be able to produce something. When they start to produce something, we are pushing them out of poverty and that’s where my theory of moving from consumption to production comes in.

“We can’t tax people first, we need to support small businesses and ensure that this tariff is not spread across the same level –for the big and for the small,” he said.

The former Anambra State governor also dismissed insinuations making the round that he might leave the party.

He said: “I only advocated for peace. I’m a man who believes in peace and unity. I believe that there is no difference between me and others but I have the grace of the Almighty.

“The Labour Party is not the problem of Nigeria, the problem of Nigeria is beyond the Labour party, so my focus is on Nigeria. My promise is a new Nigeria, and that new Nigeria is where I’m focused and we must remain focused on it.

“If it is not about the leadership of Nigeria, I wouldn’t have provided this water. Let’s talk about how people will live and eat, I assure you that the Labour Party will resolve those issues –it is family, no family without fight, no individual is perfect.

“That is why I’m coming down to the community, I could have sent someone to do this but I said no, I am going to the communities and embracing them, talking to them and knowing how to solve their problems.

“I have said it before, I’m not desperate to be president, I’m desperate to see Nigeria working for poor people. It is important for me because we cannot continue this way.

“The poor people in this country are suffering a lot and I am urging all leaders –in and out of office, this is time for us to listen, time to work with them (the poor), time to feel a bit of their pain.”