April 22, 2024

State police: We are committed to security, well-being of citizens – Shettima

State police: We are committed to security, well-being of citizens – Shettima

By Gift ChapiOdekina, Abuja

The Vice President, Kashim Shettima has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration is committed to reform the Police Force and enhance security to achieve a safer and more secured Nigeria for the well being of citizens.

This was also as the Vice President emphasised that the present administration is actually aware of the complex security issues that abound across the country and is leaving no stone unturned to address them.

Shettima disclosed this while representing the president at a one day national dialogue on state policing in Abuja on Monday.

According to him, Tinubu believes that the path to effective security is through adaptive reforms catering to Nigeria’s diverse circumstances.

This, he said, can only be achieved by carefully reviewing various options in the Nigerian context. He said this inclusive approach will guide the country to have a policing system that is most effective and respectful.

“Your interest in the issue of state policing underscores your commitment to the security and well-being of citizens. This initiative is not only timely but also speaks to the commitment of the legislative arm for addressing critical national issues through inclusive and collaborative governance,” Shettima said.

“This government under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is actively aware of the complex security issues that abound in places. 

“As such, we are continually developing and reminding ourselves of methods to address these challenges effectively. Today’s dialogue is critical to these efforts of providing a platform for robust discussion and innovative thinking regarding the reform of our policing structure. He deserves commendation for his openness and proactive stance towards the idea of reforming and decentralising the police force.

“It gladdens my heart that the 10th House of Representatives under the Speaker Tajudeen Abbas has keyed into this initiative. The involvement of the legislature in executive reforms ensure continuity and synergy. Let us use this opportunity to engage with the seriousness it demands.

“The President is committed to listening to your recommendations and insights invariably to share in the policies that would lead us to a more secure and good society.”

He further explained that the concept of state policing is not merely a policy but a potential revolution of the law enforcement framework which offers the possibility of catering to the diverse means of the nation’s communities.

“As the Vice President, I am deeply interested in the outcomes of today’s discussions. The insights would inform our administration’s approach to supporting legislation and enhancing the capacity of our police force but also strengthen the bonds of trust between the law enforcement and the public.

“In our deliberations, let us consider the implications of state policing from multiple perspectives. We must invite (stakeholders)…to respond on time to emergencies, adapt to specific local challenges and increase accountability. At the same time we must address concerns related to the standardisation of training, oversight and the safeguarding of our civil liberties.

“We should also see it as an opportunity to listen, understand and focus on the solutions. It is essential that this forum is not the end but the beginning of an ongoing conversation on the issue of police and security sector reform in our country. 

“The nature of the stakeholders gathered here today including security experts, religious leaders, civil society representatives, underscores the comprehensive approach to ensure that diverse perspectives are integrated into the policy making process. 

“As we continue today’s sessions I urge participants to engage with openness, honesty and insight. The value of this gathering lies in the ability to harness advice and constructive reasoning and suggestions from all quarters. Your contributions today are not merely academic but theoretical discussions of the transformative reforms we aspire to implement.”

He also reiterated the President’s readiness to support and implement meaningful resolutions that would emerge from the dialogue.