April 4, 2024

Stakeholder calls for more entertainment shows in Port Harcourt

Stakeholder calls for more entertainment shows in Port Harcourt

Entertainment promoter and investment expert, MyAce China, has described the overflow attendance in this year’s Pitakwa Comedy held every Easter Monday in Port Harcourt as evidence that nightlife is fully back and businesses safe in Rivers state.

This Pitakwa Comedy Series hosted by K.O Baba Jornsen with this year’s politically favoured theme, ‘They Like to Fool Us’, was staged at the 1500-capacity remodelled EUI Event Centre which was jammed with comedy enthusiasts from far and near.

China, Mayor of Housing and lead sponsor of the show, regretted that Port Harcourt hosts an abundance of talents yet companies operating in Rivers shun sponsorship of entertainment shows in Port Harcourt and would rather concentrate sponsorship in Lagos.

He noted that the Pitakwa Comedy show is gaining increasing recognition because every year the host (K.O Baba) ups his game and sets standards matching shows staged in the best spots in Lagos.

China explained, “What you see him doing is on the back of very little support. The gap between Lagos and Port Harcourt is mainly sponsorship. Many entertainers here have the talent but lack the commensurate sponsorship those in Lagos have as Lagos has already crossed a threshold where commerce and art meet.

“Companies in Nigeria with branches in Port Harcourt will rather budget for sponsorship of arts in Lagos and nothing for Port Harcourt. So, this has benchmarked how far one can go on personal resilience and little support.”

To governments and corporate bodies still withdrawing from promoting arts and entertainment in the Niger Delta, China admonished, “You can see top brands are coming in because they are beginning to see value above sea level. It’s a dying minute for any sponsor to come in before it becomes too expensive for them to compete.

“I tell people, being known without selling is empty, selling without being known negates the future. So, for a business, you like to sell for immediate income, you like to be known for future income.

“So, for my brand partnering with the biggest comedy show in the Niger Delta, the first thing is more people know the Mayor of Housing, to think about the brand and the more they will buy when they are ready to buy.

“There is a lot of value in the entertainment space and more than entertainment is people. People make money, money does not make people. So, instead of doing all to get the money, do all to get the people.”

Thanking his sponsors, K.O Baba, host and creator of the Pitakwa Comedy noted that, “The success was in all ramifications. Attendance was massive, content very good, and organization world-class. Many have said that is how it should be. A lot we didn’t envisage happened.

“Going forward, we want to begin satellite broadcast so other cities can watch the annual show. We want to give it a global appeal. It attracted many persons from outside Port Harcourt. That is what tourism is; airport pickup, hotels, etc.”

Some of the patrons and night lovers at the event called for more entertainment investments as tools for enhancing peace in Rivers while others charged youths engaged in vices to make u-turn by exploring their music, drama, comedy and sundry talents.