April 19, 2024

‘Shame on you, poor little Israel’ — Fani-Kayode mocks Israel’s ‘weak’ retaliatory attack on Iran

My DSS invitation not influenced by Atiku – Fani-Kayode

A former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has criticized Israel’s military response to Iran following reports of drone attacks. Fani-Kayode mocked Israel’s use of “three little micro quadcopters,” which he claimed were shot down mid-air, and criticized Israel for not taking responsibility for the actions.

According to reports, Israel retaliated against Iran’s missiles and drone attacks on its territory. US officials confirmed Israel’s military operations against Iran, although the specifics of those operations were not detailed.

Fani-Kayode questioned Israel’s military strength and approach, suggesting that the country’s response lacked assertiveness and strength. He went on to express skepticism about Israel’s capability to engage in a full-scale conflict with Iran, stating that Israel’s past actions in Gaza reflected poorly on its military prowess.

He said: “Poor little Israel. Sent three little micro quadcopters which were shot down in mid-air and did not even have the guts to claim responsibility for them.

“Is that what you call a strong military response to Iran? Where is your much-touted power and strength?

“I guess you are only good at slaughtering innocent and defenceless women and children in Gaza.

“When faced with the prospect of a full-scale war with Iran you tucked your little Jewish tails between your legs and ran away. It is pitiful.

“Shame on you!”