April 22, 2024

Sebastine Omeh, engineer with research to invent wind-propelled turbines for electricity

Sebastine Omeh, engineer with research to invent wind-propelled turbines for electricity

A Nigerian electrical engineer, Sebastine Omeh, contributed to the research into the use of wind-propelled turbines to generate electricity.

Omeh is recognised as one of the inventors for his research works for pioneering wind energy technology in Nigeria.

The engineer, who is the Managing Director of Hybrid Micro Machine Products Limited is one of the most respected Nigerian inventors.

He is from Ogrute town in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. 

Omeh, who studied engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, said he was challenged by the energy crisis in Nigeria, which fuelled his need to develop indigenous technology to generate power via wind.

In one of his many interviews after his research works over a decade ago, Omeh said, “We started with the smallest of 5 kilowatts after which we did 12 kilowatts, then 20 kilowatts, etc. And now we have 75 kilowatts. 

“This one you are looking at now is the latest in our series, capable of generating 75 kilowatts of electricity, while mounted on a tower of 15 metres altitude,” Omeh disclosed.

On the level of development made into the research and costs incurred so far, Omeh declared that they have virtually concluded, developed and tested different models.

“This place where you are, the Hybrid Research Centre, was purposely set up for research and development of wind energy. 

“The hopeless situation in Nigeria, regarding electricity generation and supply, touched me so deeply and challenged me to go into this research. The main job of an engineer is to solve man’s problems and we chose to begin with wind for the generation of electricity.”

Describing how this process works, Omeh began with the definition of wind energy as simply “the energy possessed by moving the air mass”.

He continued, “the energy possessed by wind is usually in the form of kinetic energy, but when in contact with wind turbine blades, is transformed into rotational mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is transmitted via the drive system to the wind turbine generator which performs the final conversion to electrical energy”.