April 16, 2024

Pro-PDP group urges Atiku to drop 2027 ambition, demands sanctions for Wike

May Day

says party’s stability at stake

By John Alechenu

Abuja: Barely 48 hours of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the PDP Loyal Group 100 percent,  has said lasting peace will elude the party if former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar does not sacrifice   his 2027 Presidential ambition and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, is not sanctioned for anti-party activities .

National Cordinator / Chairman of the group , Dennis Shima said this while addressing newsmen in Abuja, on Tuesday.

The group suggested that Atiku should act as a statesman, sacrifice his 2027 Presidential ambition and support one of his mentees for the PDP ticket while the party should use the powers conferred on NEC to sanction Wike and others whose activities have proven detrimental to the party’s stability.

The pro- PDP interest group came to linelight after 2015 general election with the sole objective of addressing the political challenges and intimidations faced by PDP loyalists across Nigeria after PDP lost 2015 presidential general election as a result of internal crisis.

Shima said the group took the decision to suggest a reasonable cause of action for the party ahead of the NEC meeting after wide consultations and several meetings.

He said, “We also consulted widely across Nigeria and resorted to call on PDP National Caucus, Board of Trustees BOT and most importantly NEC to do the following in accordance with the provisions of PDP Constitution (As amended 2017) without prejudices thus: “Advise, His Excellency Alh. Atiku Abubakar GCON, former Vice President of Nigeria (1999 to 2007), PDP 2019 Presidential Candidate and 2023 Presidential Candidate to stop further contest for PDP Presidential Tickets beginning from 2027. And further, request His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON to support one of his many mentees across Nigeria to  contest for PDP Presidential Tickets beginning from 2027.

“We call on, His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON, to nominate and support, any of his many mentees from the appropriate geo-political Zone for 2027 presidential election.

“We also call on, His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON, to appreciate God for his wealth of experience and mentorship in Nigerian democracy under PDP since 1999 to date.

“Therefore, accept this clarion call for him to be a statesman and kingmaker politically going forward. We are optimistic that, His Excellency, Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON, former Vice President of Nigeria, and two times PDP presidential candidate, is not an ingrate and will be grateful to God and PDP, for the platform provided for him, to serve Nigerians in the aforementioned capacities.

“We are optimistic that, if His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON, accepts his fate going forward as a, father, husband, mentor and statesman in PDP and by extension Nigerian democracy, PDP will win the forthcoming 2027 presidential general election in Nigeria landslide without many political battles as recently faced from prominent figures in Nigeria who are against the person of His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar GCON former Vice President of Nigeria.”

The group further said, “Secondly, we call on the forthcoming PDP National Executive    Committee NEC to exercise its power and authority inline with provisions of PDP Constitution regarding; offenses and sanctions, as contained in Section 58(1) a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, I, l, and m.  And also Section 59(1) a, b, c, d, e, f, and g, as well as Subsection (2), (3), (4), and (5) to “suspend” His Excellency Barr. Nyesom Wike CON, former Governor of Rivers State from  participating in meetings or functions, of PDP at all levels at home and abroad, directly or indirectly.

“Considering the fact that, the deviant PDP stalwart obtained a Court Order restraining PDP from expelling him from the party, we jettison the option of expulsion from the PDP, which would have been appropriate sanction to him.

“This is because of former Governor Wike’s  present role as Federal Minister and responsibilities in APC led Federal Government, which is alien to the character and ethics of PDP and also violates, the Constitution of our great party as given in the above sections 58, 59 and subsections (as amended 2017) without prejudices to the personality of the former Governor of Rivers state Mr. Nyesom Wike until the day he officially leaves the Pay Roll of APC led Federal Government under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR. After all, PDP receives returnees into its membership. “

The PDP pressure group recalled that, ahead of 2015 general election, a group of G5 Governors emerged from PDP known as New PDP led by His Excellency Alh. Atiku Abubakar GCON former Vice President of Nigeria (1999-2007) which then frustrated PDP campaigns and caused the defeat of PDP at the 2015 presidential polls in Nigeria which is why the unfortunate President Buhari led Federal Government happened to Nigerians from 2015 to 2023.

It equally said, “In 2016, PDP100% in collaboration with His Excellency Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi- led National Caretaker Committee to rebrand PDP to be what ought to be ahead of future elections beginning from 2019, we mobilized like minds across Nigeria to uphold the vision and mission of PDP in Nigeria with our motto “100% Loyalty Pays”. 

“We stood by Senator Makarfi- led Caretaker committee to legally dislodge former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff who was appointed PDP National Chairman in 2016 and later became a thorn in the PDP flesh up to Supreme Court and PDP won.

“We contributed to rebranding of PDP during the 2017 PDP National Elective Convention in various capacities including publicity subcommittee with our sweats