April 18, 2024

Politicians and philosophy that power comes from God

Politicians and philosophy that power comes from God


IT is a common saying among Nigerian politicians that: “Power comes from God.” Even when the elections are brazenly rigged and emotionally traumatizing, they would say without any sense of remorse that power comes from God. And so it has been that since 1999, God has been freely donating power to politicians in our country, particularly in Rivers State.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which pioneered our democracy in 1999 did not help matters. It insisted (and is still insisting until now) that any party member that holds the highest political position is the leader of the party. Thus, while President Olusegun Obasanjo was the leader of the party at the national level, governors became automatic and very powerful leaders at the state level. 

For many years, this democratic aberration was frontloaded as an agreement between them and God to give power to whoever He has chosen. It has been a precedent that has not been amended until now. Dr. Peter Odili enjoyed the privilege of being the leader of the PDP as governor in Rivers State for eight years. God actually gave power to Chibuike Amaechi in 2007. Pitiably, the same proponents of power come from God, plotted to ambush Ameachi’s divine ordination. They concocted a new political concept of “K-leg” which was outside their agreement with God but orchestrated to strip Amaechi of his God-given power.

The churches intermittently regale us with the song, “Who can battle with the Lord? I say nobody!” The God who gave Odili power cannot be mocked nor short-changed by men. He reminded the anti-Amaechi coup plotters – particularly those who have benefited from his generosity, that he remains the God who gives power to men. He tells of the governing operational political philosophy in the state and with a mighty hand, God retrieved Amaechi’s already stolen power back to him.

Interestingly, that was the power Amaechi brandished and celebrated at the Rivers State Government House between 2007 and 2015. Because there was an established political agreement, that without God nobody inherits power in Rivers State, Amaechi could not make Dakuku Peterside governor after him. So, as the people waited on God, Chief Nyesom Wike suddenly became governor. For no one living in Rivers State around 2015 can forget in a hurry the celebration that power comes from God. 

No doubt, without God, Odili, Amaechi and Wike could not become governors in Rivers State. Adonijah desired to be king over Israel but he died because God moved against him. King David wrote: “For the Lord searches every heart and understands every desire…” Apparently, God loves Rivers State and for 24 years of democracy in our country, he has consistently donated power to those he loves. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the God who loved and donated power to Odili in 1999, Amaechi in 2007 and Wike in 2015 donated power to Siminalaye Fubara in 2023. 

God blessed people through people, and because he used one or two persons to give Fubara power is not an exceptional case. There is no single politician in Nigeria who becomes anything – president, governor or local government chairman without enjoying the support of one or two political gladiators within and outside their party. 

Therefore, the Fubara case cannot be treated exceptionally as first of its kind to make anyone a demi god over him. The fact that some persons assisted Fubara to power is not sufficient to make him a small-boy governor. If God were the one who brought Odili, Amaechi and Wike to power in Rivers State, the philosophy cannot be applied differently in the case of Fubara. Were these men not all leaders in the PDP in their days as governor in Rivers State? Does calling Wike Oga diminish Fubara’s status as governor in Rivers State? “What is good for the goose,” they say, “is good for the gander”. For it doesn’t make for consistency – I mean it doesn’t represent good conscience, character and good education to push Governor Fubara – first citizen and supposed PDP leader in the state to the background. 

That they say politics is dirty in our country does not mean we should lose good conscience, judgement and a sense of self-worth. Few years ago, Rivers State was declared a Christian state. Is the state still a Christian state today? Or has the pettiness of politics destroyed the virtues of Christianity in the state? It’s against the principle of justice and good conscience for anyone to seek to deny Gov Fubara the privilege all his predecessors enjoyed in office. Our civilization cannot end with paper certificates acquisition. The philosophy that power comes from God is real and has been fully established in our body politic. So, no one can take glory for the providence that God cheerfully donated to Gov Fubara and for which the people have offered thanksgiving. 

Regardless of the notoriety, indecent manipulation and moral recklessness in our electoral process, the electorate still has a role to play in determining who becomes governor. Gov Fubara knows his onions and in few months in office has endeared himself into the hearts of the Rivers people, especially the civil servants and pensioners who now breathe fresh air. Gov Fubara has shown simplicity and passion in governance, striving daily to raise the standard of living of the people. He is calm, strategic and has shown a readiness to deliver on his electoral mandate. 

Talking about 2027, only God knows who would live until that time and who the people of Rivers State would choose as their governor.  

*Edafe, a concerned citizen, wrote from Port Harcourt.