April 5, 2024

Oil marketers assure Lagos residents of fuel supply

Oil marketers assure Lagos residents of fuel supply

File photo of of back market players selling fuel.

The Major Energies Marketers Association of Nigeria, has said distribution of fuel has begun from depots to filling stations in Lagos and other states.

Mr Clement Isong said this amid the ongoing fuel scarcity in the Lagos metropolis.

Isong said that depots were already receiving petrol supplies from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Trading Ltd. He said they would continue to do so throughout the weekend.

He emphasised the importance of addressing these issues promptly and transparently to provide clarity to the public.

Isong acknowledged the low stock during the Easter period for some MEMAN members, resulting from inadequate replenishment at depots.

This, he noted, caused outages in retail outlets during the past week.

Isong assured the public that supplies had resumed, with MEMAN members working diligently to expedite the distribution process.

According to him, this includes extending hours and weekends at depots, to ensure adequate stocking of retail outlets.

“There was low stock over the Easter weekend for some MEMAN members resulting from truckout to supply stations without replenishment at our depots.

“This has led to outages in some retail outlets during the past week. Moving forward, we want to assure the public that supplies have resumed and all MEMAN members are collaborating closely to expedite the distribution process.

“Members are working tirelessly at our depots, including extended hours and weekends, to ensure that retail outlets are adequately stocked.

“Our collective goal is to eliminate fuel queues and stabilise the supply chain before the upcoming Sallah holidays next week,” he assured.

Fuel queues return to Lagos

Meanwhile, fuel queues have returned Lagos as supply diminishes. Filling stations in various parts of the state experienced long queues of vehicles.

These include Ikorodu Road, Bridge, Anthony, Mayland, Oyingbo, Ogba, Ikeja, Alausa, Oba Akran, Surulere, and Victoria Island.

At the Total Filling Station on Mobalaji Bank Anthony in Ikeja, fuel queues stretched for several kilometers. It led to traffic congestion.

On the bustling Ikorodu Road, the presence of fuel racketeers selling in jerrycans indicated a shortage in supply.

The majority of NNPC filling stations with petrol also had long queues of vehicles, attributed to its lower retail price compared to others.

Cost per litre

NNPC retail stations sell at N568 per litre, while other major and independent marketers sell at over N600 per litre.

Moreover, independent filling stations, with a larger share of outlets, have been out of stock for several months.

A marketer who preferred anonymity, said there had been a shortage in supply from the importers of the last resort.

The marketer said that the scarcity was also caused by the delay in the outstanding payment by NNPC Trading Ltd. to international traders. (NAN)

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