April 20, 2024

Nigerian national, Omole pleads guilty to defrauding US citizens of $12m

US court jails Nigerian man over $1.1m wire fraud

The United States (US) Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams, has said Oluseun Omole, a Nigerian residing in Texas was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud American citizens through online schemes.

In a statement by the US Attorney’s Office of Southern District, Williams said Omole engaged in a consumer electronics scam and defrauded citizens of goods of over $12 million.

Omole was arraigned on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which bears a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

Williams said Omole participated in the criminal acts perpetrated by members of a group called “Enterprise”, based in Nigeria.

He said Omole and his accomplices were involved in “online marketplace scams, in which Enterprise members sent electronic communications to victims feigning interest in buying consumer electronics, falsely represented to the victim that the items had been paid for, and instructed the victim to send the consumer electronics to OMOLE”.

He added that the group was also involved in “romance scams, in which Enterprise members sent electronic communications to victims feigning romantic intentions, gained their trust and affection, and took advantage of that goodwill to induce victims into sending consumer electronics and other money or property to OMOLE”.

The Attorney disclosed that the suspects were also engaged in employment scams, posting fake job opportunities online and demanding electronics including smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and tablets, among other items from prospective employees as a requirement for the role.

He said Omole used a business corporation named “Tobylink Impressions” to dupe unsuspecting citizens of thousands of goods, adding that the suspect repackaged the products and dispatched them to his associates in Nigeria.

He said during the trial, the suspect pleaded guilty before Katharine Parker, the presiding judge.

The US attorney further said most of the fraudulent activities were conducted from February 2018 to March 2023.

“Over the course of approximately five years, Oluseun Martins Omole received more than $12 million worth of fraudulently obtained consumer electronics and other items,” the statement read.

“Thousands of victims believed that they were sending these electronics and items to romantic lovers, legitimate buyers, and reputable employers.  Instead, they went straight to Omole, who repackaged those electronics and goods and shipped them in bulk to co-conspirators located overseas in exchange for the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

“Those like Omole who participate in such fraud schemes will find themselves facing prison time.

“During the relevant time period, OMOLE owned and operated a business corporation named Tobylink Impessions, Inc., a/k/a Tobylink Impressions, Inc. (“Tobylink”), which claimed to be a distributor, re-seller, and supplier of satellite communications equipment.”

He added that as part of his plea bargain, Omole agreed to pay restitution in an amount to be ordered by the court and to forfeit an amount of US currency to be ordered by the court, as well as various consumer electronics and other goods seized by law enforcement.

Williams added that Omole will be sentenced by the US District Judge, Jesse Furman on July 30, 2024.