April 28, 2024

Juggling lovers with the perfection of a magician!

Juggling lovers with the perfection of a magician!

By Bunmi Sofola

A few months ago I spent a few days with a very dear friend who lives in a block of luxury flat, and noticed the occupant of the next flat to hers was new. In the past, the flat had been occupied by some noisy neighbours. It was a relief to have some measure of peace and quiet. “We have peace and quiet alright,” agreed my friend, “but it’s laced with a lot of intrigue. I was instrumental in the lady moving in.

Her husband, a schoolmate who’s remained a friend, found a well-paid job in the USA. Instead of uprooting his wife from her civil service job to uncertain employment, they both agreed she would stay behind in Nigeria and move to a cheaper flat. The landlord is an old friend, so I put in a word for her.

I work erratic hours but a few times, I’d notice this new man from the flat slouching to the supermarket down the road to buy one thing or the other. I was curious but shut my trap. It was Angela, the girl, who confessed that the man was a boyfriend. I’d known him ever since I arrived in Lagos and he was an ex-boyfriend, ‘she confessed.’ I said nothing, so she continued: “Your friend expects me to pay for the flat and still help with the kids but I couldn’t manage it. Thanks to Sanni (the boyfriend) for helping with the rent, I could keep my head above financial waters”.

“I couldn’t manage it. Thanks to Sanni (the boyfriend) helping with the rent, I could keep my head above financial waters”.

“I’m sure she came clean as a dare for me to mention this little arrangement to Ben, her husband when next he visited. As she must rightly have suspected, I said nothing when Ben came for a week’s visit, only for him to dash back to the States, leaving his delicate matrimonial duties to the capable groin of a stand-in.”

Just before I left, However, Labi, another gentleman, had called on my friend to hand over money for Angela’s rent. “She told me you usually pay her rent to the landlord:’ he said promptly, “I’m leaving enough to cover a few month’s rent and will bring more before that runs out. “I couldn’t believe Angela’s audacity in stringing three men along. “Will she get away with it? Just recently, my friend phoned, excited to give me an update on Angela’s reckless carrying on. “Katakata don burst!”

She squealed, “Ben arrived last night!” my ears perked up instantly.

“God knows who informed him of Angela’s antic. But he arrived in Lagos days ago without letting on. He’d apparently been keeping ‘vigil’ on Angela’s flat from a discreet shop across the road and had noticed Sanni’s movements. So, yesterday morning when Sanni trudged to the news agent’s, Ben sprinted up the stairs and rang the bell. Angela was suspicious since Sanni had a set of keys to the flat. She opened the door discreetly, keeping the safety chain on. As soon as she saw Ben, she quickly shut the door.

After knocking on the door for quite a while, I came out of my flat wanting to find out what was going on. Ben’s face was like thunder as he shrieked abuse at his wife and urged her to open the door. She didn’t budget. Ben kicked the door open and there was Angela, cowering in the bedroom. When Ben threatened to beat her up, I reminded him not to get the police involved. Threatening to do all sorts of things to Angela if she as much as tried to get in touch with him, he flounced out of the flat”. So where was lover-boy when all this commotion was going on?

“He’d completely disappeared,” chuckled my friend. “He must have heard all the noise coming from the flat, put two and two together, and taken to his heels!

To Angela’s credit, she’d completely hidden all trace of Sanni in the flat.

What gave the game away were some silly items she couldn’t hide fast enough, like the tell-tale condom that was still floating in the toilet

bowl! One of the tenants must have phoned the landlord who didn’t find the broken door to one of the flats amusing. He threatened to report the violence to the police and Angela said he should go right ahead. She saw no reason why she should pay for a door she didn’t damage! That woman’s nerve is really something else”.

This story had one or two loose ends that needed to be tied, so I gave my friend a week or so, then called her, “I was expecting your call,” she said, amused. What happened to Labi, the third lover in this eternal rectangle? “It’s Angela. I was worried about….” my friend said. “I didn’t want to give her the impression that I was the one who let the cat out of the bag. But she assured me she didn’t blame me, that she

suspected an ex-boyfriend and had recently confirmed she was right”. A fourth man? How insatiable is this Angela’s sexual appetite? Or is it simply that she liked walking on the edge of disaster all of the time?

“Guess who fixed the door?” My friend asked, hardly suppressing her excitement. “Labi! He actually wanted to know if I could put him onto a local carpenter who could do the job. I agreed, and gave him a rough estimate which he prompted paid. I made a small profit out of that!

Apparently, Angela had led him to believe her husband got nasty because of her relationship with Labi! The plot definitely thickens!”

Was Ben still sleeping over? “No,” said my friend, “Labi now sleeps over. Sanni had been scared off by Ben’s red-hot anger and he stayed away especially after Angela had given him the impression that Ben was still around, bent on revenge! Now, the cost is clear for Labi to come and go as he pleases! “For a woman in her 40s to pull all these stunts shows how brazen Angela really is. And she showed no remorse for all the heartaches she’s causing left, right and centre. Pretty and sophisticated, thanks to the generosity of her men, she had no qualms about using what she has to get what she wanted. The husband with whom she had two children she now saw as a liability “whose lovemaking is no longer thrilling as he had developed a limp sexual libido that needs special coaxing…” Instead of helping him work through his problems, she opted for replacements. “Life is short,” she told my friend.