April 16, 2024

Blessed Bliss Okoh, Blixxy’s musical journey

By Ayo Onikoyi

Blessed Bliss Okoh who his profoundly known as Blixxy is originally from Delta state, Agbor but was born and breed in Benin city, Edo state Nigeria.

Blixxy musical carrier journey officially began 2013 where he was introduced to the music industry by MoneyGangRecord with sponsorship of his debut heat song “Irionor, This year, and Magodo.

These songs were amazingly unique and accepted by fans as Irionor & magodo made its way to top Tv and radio stations rotational plays that earned Blixxy rewards of shows, awards and popularity.

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In 2016 at the SSMA award show held in Benin city. The best Hiphop people choice award category was awarded to the song Irionor which translates to “that’s what it is, composed and vocalized by Blixxy.

Blessed Bliss Okoh rose to fame in 2017 where he collaborated with A-list artist and producers such as Orisha Femi, Tspize, Ojie , Indomix, Ckay, Mex films, unlimited LA, madhouse and lots more who where moment at the time.

Blixxy is known and loved for his unique versatile style of music, act and motivational speech. He’s is the master of self believe which he showcase a symbolic hand pose called Knuckles Clashing, Blixxy Quotes: Give yourself a Knuckle, believe in yourself and people will believe in you.